American Cancer Society Donation Receipt Template

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Updated July 29, 2022

An American Cancer Society donation receipt is used for any donor that has either given direct payment or an asset of value (e.g. clothing, personal property, etc.). The receipt is given by the American Cancer Society and signed acknowledging their receipt of the donation made. Most importantly to the IRS, the contribution receipt will include the organization’s Tax ID Number (EIN) and the amount that was given by the donor. Depending on the amount, the receipt may be needed to be shown to any government authority at the time of filing one’s taxes.

Tax ID Number (EIN) – 13-1788491

Donation Methods

Phone – 1(800) 227-2345

MailUse This Form and send to: American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22478, Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Online –

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF


1 – Access And Save The American Society Donation Receipt

This receipt can be opened and downloaded as a PDF document. You can access this file’s location by clciking on the “Adobe PDF” text link or the “PDF” button just under the image preview. Follow your browser’s prompt to open and save this file. When you are ready to work on it, yuo can input information directly onscreen with a PDF editor.


2 – Donor Identification Is Required

Notice that three separate receipts are provided on one page of this template. To begin filling out a receipt as a response to a donation, locate the first available section on the page then enter the “Donor Name” to the first row in the table underneath the “Federal Identification Number: 13 – 1788491.    american cancer society donation receiptThe second and third rows are labeled “Address” and “City, State Zip.” Thus, the building number, street name, and apartment number (if any) of the Donor’s legal address should be placed in the second row while the remainder of this address should be produced in the next row.       american cancer society donation receiptThe next row in the DOnor table, “Phone,” requires the daytime telephone number where the Donor can be reached.     american cancer society donation receiptIf available, fill in the “E-Mail” address where the Donor can be reached on the last row of the table you are currently working on.     american cancer society donation receipt


3 – An Adequate Description Of The Donation Must Be Reported

The next table on the receipt will concern itself with the donation made. First, define whether the donation was monetary or property. Report this on the “Type Of Donation” row.    american cancer society donation receiptThe “Description” row refers to either the method of payment (if monetary) or donated property details.       american cancer society donation receiptThe “Value” of the donation will be the full dollar amount of the donation. If this is donated property then, record how much money the property has been assessed on the current market i “as is” condition.   american cancer society donation receiptSeparate the section of the template that you have completed then dispense it to the Donor. Make sure that you have the same information documented in your records.