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American Cancer Society Donation Receipt Template

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American Cancer Society Donation Receipt Template

Updated August 03, 2023

An American Cancer Society donation receipt is used for any donor that has either given direct payment or an asset of value (e.g. clothing, personal property, etc.). The receipt is given by the American Cancer Society and signed acknowledging their receipt of the donation made. Most importantly to the IRS, the contribution receipt will include the organization’s Tax ID Number (EIN) and the amount that was given by the donor. Depending on the amount, the receipt may be needed to be shown to any government authority at the time of filing one’s taxes.

Tax ID Number (EIN) – 13-1788491

Donation Methods

Phone – 1(800) 227-2345

MailUse This Form and send to: American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22478, Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Online – https://donate3.cancer.org/?lang=en