American Heart Assoc. Donation Receipt Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

An American Heart Association donation receipt is a document used to show proof of a contribution when disclosing donations in order to receive a tax deduction. The American Heart Association is a 501(c)(3) charity, which means that all donations are tax deductible as the association is federally tax exempt.

Tax ID Number (EIN) – 13-5613797

Donation Methods

The American Heart Association publicly discloses how they receive donations and how the donations are spent (see here for Financial Statements), giving donors a clear view of the association’s mission. Below are all the ways in which donors can give a contribution.

Donate Online – Make a one-time donation or set up a reoccurring payment every month via credit card, Amazon Payments or by PayPal.

Start a Fundraiser – Create a fundraising page on behalf of someone or a cause. Sharing this page will allow others to make a donation for your cause.

Planned Donations – If you do not have loved ones to leave behind your assets, The American Heart Associations accepts Wills, Trusts and Annuities.

Vehicle Donation – The American Heart Association accepts vehicles in any condition and all net proceeds of the sale will be considered a tax deductible donation.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF

1 – Download The American Heart Association Receipt

The “PDF” button in the caption area this page’s preview image will each give you access to this receipt. If you have an appropriate editing program you may work on screen, then print this receipt to be signed. Otherwise, you may open the PDF as a read-only then print it.

2 – Provide Basic Items TO This Receipt

The “Donation Amount” is the first requirement on the receipt presented. It should be entered in “USD” unless otherwise directed by an AHA Representative on the blank space labeled “Donation Amount.”   

The American Heart Association Representative accepting the donation must sign his or her name on the “Signature” line after the money has been received. Once done, the completed receipt may be detached then dispensed to the Donor. Make sure to keep a copy of each receipt delivered.