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American Heart Assoc. Donation Receipt Template

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American Heart Assoc. Donation Receipt Template

Updated August 03, 2023

An American Heart Association donation receipt is a document used to show proof of a contribution when disclosing donations in order to receive a tax deduction. The American Heart Association is a 501(c)(3) charity, which means that all donations are tax deductible as the association is federally tax exempt.

Tax ID Number (EIN) – 13-5613797

Donation Methods

The American Heart Association publicly discloses how they receive donations and how the donations are spent (see here for Financial Statements), giving donors a clear view of the association’s mission. Below are all the ways in which donors can give a contribution.

Donate Online – Make a one-time donation or set up a reoccurring payment every month via credit card, Amazon Payments or by PayPal.

Start a Fundraiser – Create a fundraising page on behalf of someone or a cause. Sharing this page will allow others to make a donation for your cause.

Planned Donations – If you do not have loved ones to leave behind your assets, The American Heart Associations accepts Wills, Trusts and Annuities.

Vehicle Donation – The American Heart Association accepts vehicles in any condition and all net proceeds of the sale will be considered a tax deductible donation.