Boy Scouts of America Donation Receipt Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Boy Scouts of America donation receipt is an official note detailing a contribution made to the Boy Scouts of America. Since the Boy Scouts of America is a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions made are fully tax deductible to the maximum amount allowed by law. In case the IRS requests proof of a donation given to the Boy Scouts, it’s important to have a donation receipt and keep the record stored away until taxes are paid for the tax year in which the donation was given.

Tax Identification Number (EIN) – Depends on the local troop.

Donation Methods

Online (via Credit Card) – Donations can be made to a variety of different causes within the organization of Boy Scouts of America. From giving to the general cause to sending a scout to camp, donations can be customized to the donor’s preference.

Locally – When giving property, donors should contact their local council via searching by zip code which will render the contact information of the nearest location.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF


1 – Save The Boy Scouts Of America Receipt Template

The “Adobe PDF” button beneath the image links to the same file location as the “Adobe PDF” text link above. Once you select either of these links follow the browser dialogue prompts to save the template to your machine.


2 – Present The Organization’s Identification In The Introduction Statements

Most of this template must be filled out in duplicate. This is because the Organization must both dispense this receipt to the Donor and retain it for its records. First, locate the statement starting with the label “Troop #” at the top of the page. Fill in the identification number the Boy Scouts Of America assigned your canvassing Troop to the blank space attached to it.          Now, record the Entity Identification Number to the space provided in the parentheses just after the label “EIN #.”    Notice the dashed line in the center of the page you are working on. The area below this line will be retained for the Organization’s records. Find the sentence beginning with the wording “Explain To The Donor…” Reproduce the Organization’s Entity Identification Number to the formatted space attached to the “EIN #” label.   


3 – The Donor And The Donation Must Be Documented On Both Copies

As mentioned earlier the dashed line will divide this page into two copies. One for the Organization and one for the Donor. Notice that each half will have an area beginning with the labeled blank line “Donor Name.” The top part of this page will appropriately title this area “Donation Receipt – Donor Copy” and the bottom part of this page will contain the titled section “Unit Copy – Donation Receipt – Unit Copy.” Fill in both these sections with identical information starting with the full name of the “Donor” on the “Donor Name” line we referred to earlier.      Locate the blank line “Representative” in each of these sections, then enter the name of the Boy Scouts Representative who is accepting the donation on behalf of the Organization on it.        Use the “Address” line in these sections to report the mailing address of the Donor.        Three blank lines will be used in both the receipts being generated to report on the donation being discussed. The first step of this process will be to report the “Type Of Donation” to these areas. This will let the Organization and any concerned Tax Entity know whether this was a physical item, money, or some other form of donation.        The “Description” line in both these sections is supplied in case the donation was an item. For instance, if the donation is a ten-speed bicycle, use this blank space to report its details If the donation was a sum of money then record whether it is cash, check, or credit card.          The “Declared Value” lines will need either the amount of money donated reported or the official value of the donated item.      The Boy Scouts Of America Representative filling out this receipt (and named in both sections) must sign his or her name on the “Received By” lines in both the Donor and Organization copies.         Additionally, he or she must enter the current calendar date as the signature “Date” on the adjacent space.    Carefully separate the two sections of this receipt by cutting along the dashed line.