Girl Scouts of the USA Donation Receipt Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) donation receipt is a request from a donor to get an authorized representative to acknowledge a gift that was made. The receipt should include the amount or declared value of the gift and the Tax ID Number (EIN) of the local chapter. It’s recommended that the donor verify the specific chapter is current and a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by looking up their status with the IRS (Charity Lookup Tool).

Tax ID Number (EIN) – Dependent by chapter.

Donation Methods

Donate to Girl Scouts of the USA – Support the national organization.

Donate to a Local Council – Support a local chapter.

Donate by Mail – If the donor would rather donate by check, send to:

Girl Scouts of the USA
Fund Development
P.O. Box 5046
New York, NY 10087-5046

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF


1 – Save The Girl Scouts Of The USA Donation Receipt

The previewed template can be downloaded using any of the buttons underneath its image. Notice that three formats are available so that you can select one that fits best with your machine’s software environment. The benefits of choosing a file you can edit include being able to quickly fill out the required section(s) of this paperwork on-screen then printing it when it is ready to be signed.


2 – Produce The Official Designation Of The Donation Recipient

Before we discuss the donation, this receipt verifies, we must identify the Issuer. First, record the Entity Identification Number of your organization on the spaces provided after the label “Tax ID Number (EIN).” Keep in mind, that your Troop or Service Unit may have a separate designation so consult your records for accuracy.              The name of the Troop Or Service Unit issuing this receipt must be documented. The blank line labeled “Troop Or Service Unit Receiving Donation” has been attached to a blank line where you must enter this information.


3 – Discuss The Specifics Of The Monetary Donation

As mentioned earlier there will be two sections included in this receipt to help you define the donation being received. The first section, titled “Complete For Monetary Donations,” contains the blank line where we will define a donation that consists of cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, or any other form of receiving money.      Locate the “Donation Date” line in this section then enter the calendar date when your Troop or Service Unit received the donated amount.       Name the “Donor” on the second blank space in this section. If this is a business entity then, report this as the full legal name of this entity along with the name of the Representative (if available) delivering the donation.       


4 – Identify The Recipient Staff Member

In addition to the Donor’s name above, the full name of the Staff member receiving the donation on behalf of the Troop should be entered onto the “Staff Contact” line. If this information is not available (i.e. this may be an online credit card donation) then, you may leave this area blank.    The “Address” and “Phone #” where the receiving Troop or Service Unit can be contacted is mandatory and each will have a space corresponding to the appropriate label. Fill in the Troop or Service Unit’s contact information to these lines.       


5 – In-Kind Donations Must Be Defined In A Separate Area

The next section will only need to be filled out if the donation was a product, object, or physical item. If so, then locate the “Complete For In-Kind Donation” section. Give an adequate description of what the Donor has delivered to your Troop or Service Unit on the blank lines labeled “Type Of Donation”      Now, it is imperative to the purpose of any receipt that a monetary definition of value be documented as being received. In the case of an in-kind donation, this will be the monetary amount one would receive if the donated item were sold in a fair market. Give a recent assessment of the donated item’s worth (in USD) on the blank line attached to the label “Fair Market Value.”         Name the Donor of the in-kind donation on the “Donor” line of this section.   Regardless of whether the Staff Member of the Troop or Service Unit receiving the donation has been performed in the monetary section of this receipt, this section will need the full name of the GSOA Member or Staff who received the donation. This item can be left blank if it is inapplicable (i.e. it may have been received in the mail).       Produce the “Address” and “Phone #” of the Troop or Service Unit where the donation was made in the last two parts of this section. This information must be up to date and accurate.           


6 – This Receipt Will Only Be Authentic If Signed By An Authorized Representative

The Girl Scouts Of America Representative filling out this paperwork must sign his or her name on the “Submitted By” line at the bottom of the receipt after it has been filled out.        The “Date” when the Representative signed this document must be presented on the last blank line, by the Signature Party, immediately after the signature has been completed.