Special Olympics Donation Receipt Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Special Olympics donation receipt is a document confirming that a contribution has been given in the form of a donation which can be tax deductible as the Special Olympics, Inc. is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations may not be tax deductible if made outside the United States.

Tax ID Number (EIN) – Designated by State-specific organization.

Donation Methods

Donate by Phone or Email – 1 (800) 380-3071 | [email protected]

Donate Online – Make a one-time or recurring contribution via credit card.

Donate by Mail – When sending by mail, expect a confirmation letter/receipt to be returned in 2-3 weeks time. Attach a check or enter credit card information and send to:

Special Olympics
Attn: Web Gifts
1133 19th Street NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20036‐3604

Gift of Stock – If giving securities to the Special Olympics. Complete and e-mail to [email protected] or send to:

Nicholas Morgan
Gift Services Specialist Special Olympics
1133 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF

1 – Obtain The Special Olympics Receipt

Take note of the buttons beneath the preview. These will link to different versions of the donation receipt pictured. Select the “PDF,” “WORD,” or “ODT” button based on your software environment then download the file provided.


2 – Provide Content Defining The Donor

You will have several receipts available on one page, each outlined with a distinctive border. When you wish to issue a receipt, locate the first available one then fill in the full “Name” of the Donor. The first blank space in each receipt is reserved for the “Name” of one Donor. This can be a person or a business entity so long as the complete “Name” (including required suffixes and prefixes) is presented.    We will further describe the Donor’s identity by recording his or her legal “Address” on the next blank line.                     

3 – The Donation Must Be Detailed

The next line in the area you are working on will call for two distinct pieces of information the “Amount” and the “Date” of the concerned Special Olympics donation. You must enter the precise dollar “Amount” of the donation on the first of these spaces.    The second space requires an exact “Date” when it (the donation) was physically received.                                                 The “Edger” refers to the individual representing the Special Olympics and accepting the donation on behalf of this organization is the next required piece of information. In the Over the Edge Campaign, the Edger is the individual who is sponsored by donations to grapple to the ground from the respective building or perch.               Finally, an indication as to how the donation was received should be included. For this, check either the box labeled “Cash”, or the box labeled “Check.”       


4 – Tax Information Must Be Produced

The declaration statement at the end of the receipt must be signed off with a report of the Entity Identification Number used by the Special Olympics Chapter organizing this event. This should be placed on the formatted spaces attached to the label “FED Tax ID.”                    Detach the receipt you have completed     Dispense the completed receipt accordingly (Reminder: Keep track of the donations you received).