Food Donation Receipt Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A food donation receipt is an itemized list of goods that have been provided to the less fortunate by a particular donor. The most common place to donate food is at local food pantries, many of which are organized by Feeding America (Find Locations). The receipt will include donor information, a list of all items donated plus the total value of said items, the type of organization receiving the donation, and the name and signature of the representative in charge of providing donation receipts.

Food Donation Receipt – Sample


Charity Name: Community Food Share

Street Address: 650 S. Taylor Ave.

City, State, Zip: Louisville, CO, 80027

Tax ID: 74-2227731

Date: January 12, 2018

Donated By: Jane Smith

Donor Address: 123 West Ave.

City, State, Zip: Boulder, CO, 80014

Donated Food Item(s) Quantity Value ($)
Canned Beans 10 4.50
Canned Fruit 10 5.00
Canned Vegetables 10 5.00
Kraft Dinner 12 6.00
Canned Tuna 20 6.50


Total Value of Donated Food: Twenty-seven dollars ($27.00)

[Authorized Signature]

Jane Smith