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Model Photo Copyright Release Form

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Model Photo Copyright Release Form

Updated August 28, 2023

A Model Photo Copyright Release Form is a document that is specifically designed to show evidence of the authority a photographer has to reproduce any image captured of a model during a single session. This type of authorization allows the photographer to reproduce the photographs for a variety of purposes including commercial displays and their own portfolio. With that being said, there will be no permission granted for the resale of the photos nor will there be any allowable use that would permit exploitation or malicious intent toward any member of the company.

How to Complete a Model Release Form (3 steps)

  1. Inform Model of Release
  2. Download, Complete, and Sign
  3. Prepare for the Modeling Shoot

1. Inform Model of Release

Model Photo Copyright should be reviewed and agreed upon by Model and Photographer. The photographer should review any payments or exchanges or considerations to be made a condition of fulfilling the contract.

2. Download, Complete, and Sign

The Model Photo Copyright Release Form may include the following information:

  • Name of the Photographer;
  • Name of the Model;
  • Address and the phone number of the Model;
  • Description of specified photographs;
  • The longevity of the validity of the form;
  • Location and date of where photography session will take place;
  • Detailed intent of how and when the photo may be published;
  • Conditions of participation and usage restrictions (i.e. if Model will be allowed to review final content);
  • Advisement of photo ownership and any third party publishers;
  • Breach of contract implication and if, in what conditions revocation is allowable;
  • Payment clause, amount and date payment will be made;
  • Number of prints or digital copies to be received by Model;
  • Picture Identification must be included for Artistic Nude Photography, if applicable;
  • Witness signature may be needed; and
  • If the Model is not of legal age, which is dependent on local state law, the parent or legal guardian must also sign the form. Emancipated minors would be exempt from requiring additional signatures and consent.

3. Prepare for the Modeling Shoot

The photographer is deemed responsible for preparing and supplying the location and date of the shoot to the Model.