Alaska Sublease Agreement Template

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An Alaska sublease agreement is a binding contract between a lessor (who is leasing a property from a landlord) and the lessee of that property. This must be a very clearly written and researched document for both parties as both will be held accountable to the terms it states. The Lessor must have clear permission (preferably in writing) from the landlord of the space that he or she may sublease. Furthermore, the tenant must be able to abide by the original lease signed by the lessor as well as any additional ones between themselves and the lessor.

Ultimately the lessor will be considered responsible to the terms of both the landlord agreement as a tenant and the sublease agreement as a landlord. The lessee in this agreement may find themselves evicted if the lessor has been less than honest in their representation of having permission to lease. These are just a few examples meant to underscore the importance of having a clearly written sublease agreement that is fully understood and agreed two by the sub-lessor and the sub-lessee.

It is important to note the lessor of a sublease must act as a landlord and observe all constrictions of that position in the state of Alaska. For example, if faced with a sub-lessee who is negligent with the rent, the sublessor must go through the proper channels in dealing with that situation while meeting the financial obligations as a tenant in the original lease with the landlord. Once this document is signed and dated by all concerned parties, the State of Alaska will expect that these parties will abide by the terms listed in the document while it is in effect.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first paragraph of the sublease agreement will name the sublessee, sublessor, and their respective address.

Step 2 – The next paragraph will require the address being sublet to be entered as well as the city it is located in.

Step 3 – The first item to be covered will be “Term.” There will be several choices to define the type of sublease agreement desired. The sublease may name itself as a fixed term, month to month, or week to week. In any case, the start date must be indicated. The fixed-term lease will require the end date to be entered in the appropriate space. For the remaining options, the number of days’ notice required to terminate must be named as well.

Step 4 – The “Security Deposit” (Item IV) will be the next section that needs information. Here, the dollar amount of the agreed-upon security deposit must be written out and numerically in the spaces provided. The second paragraph will require the number of days allowed a landlord may hold a security deposit before providing an explanation for retaining part or all of it.

Step 5 – Item VII should have the sublessor and sub lessee’s contact information input (phone, address, email, cell, and additional telephone). This is the contact information that will be used when one party needs to issue another party a notice.

Step 6 – Item X contains a few lines that may be used to solidify any agreement between sublessor and sublessee that are not covered by the rest of this document. Any additional agreement that relates to the subletting arrangement should be documented here.

Step 7 – The “Landlord’s Consent” section provides to checkboxes. This will indicate how binding the parties involved wish to make the sublease and if the landlord’s consent is needed.

Step 8 – Item XVI or “Governing Law” requires the municipality/town/city where the property is located to be entered in the space provided.

Step 9 – The final item is “Date & Signature.” The first paragraph will require the day, month, and year the sublease is to be considered solidified and binding. Below this will be a space for the Sublessor, the Sublessee, and any witnesses present to provide their signatures and printed names. There will also be an area for a parent or guardian to sign their name and print it if this is applicable. Directly below this is a space for a landlord to sign off on consent to the sublease. The Landlord must also print his/her name next to the signature they provide. Finally, there will be a space for both sublessor and sublessee to verify by initial that a copy of the original landlord/sublessor lease agreement and an inventory move-in checklist attached. Each of these items must be initialed by both parties to be considered valid acknowledgment.