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Landlord Sublease Consent

A landlord sublease consent gives written approval allowing a tenant to re-rent the property to a subtenant. In most leases, subletting is prohibited. Therefore, a sublease consent amends the original lease to allow the tenant to lease the property.
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Common Used For

  1. Managing Roommates – A landlord may prefer to only deal with 1 tenant. In this case, there would be 1 person on the lease, with the tenant having the right to sublease to other roommates.
  2. Absence – If traveling or absent for an extended period, subletting is a way to save on costs.
  3. Moving – If moving for work or other purposes and needs to find a replacement tenant until the lease ends.
  4. Facing Eviction – If a tenant can no longer afford the rent, they may ask the landlord for permission to rent all or some of the property to subsidize their monthly costs.

Landlord Sublease Consent Form (Preview)