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Landlord Sublease Consent Form

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Landlord Sublease Consent Form

Updated November 08, 2023

A sublease consent form obtains a landlord’s written approval allowing a tenant to sublet a rental property. In most lease agreements, a tenant is prohibited from subletting to other individuals (subtenants).

Common Uses

  1. Managing Roommates – A landlord may prefer to only deal with 1 tenant. In this case, there would be 1 person on the lease, with the tenant having the right to sublease to other roommates.
  2. Absence – If traveling or absent for an extended period, subletting is a way to save on costs.
  3. Moving – If moving for work or other purposes and needs to find a replacement tenant until the lease ends.
  4. Facing Eviction – If a tenant can no longer afford the rent, they may ask the landlord for permission to rent all or some of the property to subsidize their monthly costs.

Sublease Agreement – Use after consent has been granted to create a binding contract between the tenant on the property and the sub-lessee.

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