Landlord Sublease Consent Form

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A Sublease consent form allows a current tenant under a lease, that forbids subletting, to allow them to rent the property to a subtenant. Even though the tenant will be fully responsible for any subtenant that occupies the premises, the landlord can make requirements, for example, that all subtenants must be approved by the landlord. In most cases, this is a last resort by the tenant if they no longer want to be on the lease and the landlord is unwilling to give the tenant a release.

Sublease Agreement – Use after consent has been granted to create a binding contract between the tenant on the property and the sub-lessee.

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How to Write

1 -The Consent Document On This Page Is Available In Three Formats

Each of the buttons on this page will link to this document as a specific file type. Thus, by selecting one of these buttons you may access this template as an Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt) file.

2 – Provide The Execution Date And The Identities Of The Signature Parties Of This Agreement

The first paragraph will seek a direct confirmation of the Landlord’s consent by stating the exact Calendar Date of this consent. Document this Calendar Date using the first three blank spaces in this statement. This should be done by entering the Two-Digit Calendar Day, Month Name, and Two-Digit Year of the Calendar Date the Landlord officially grants permission to his or her Tenant’s Sublease. Next, we must clearly identify who the Landlord is. Fill in the consenting Landlord’s Legal Name on the blank space directly after the phrase “…By And Between.”Finally, record the Legal Name of the consenting Landlord’s Tenant on the blank space preceding the phrase “…Hereinafter The “Tenant”.”

3 – Document Some Basic Facts Regarding The Master Lease

In the next paragraph statement of this introduction, we must identify the Master Lease between the Landlord and the Tenant. Begin by reporting the Date of Execution using the two blank lines after the words “…The Landlord And Tenant On.” Record this Date as Month Name, Two-Digit Calendar Date then, a Two-Digit Calendar Year.The next portion of this statement provides three blank spaces where the Street Address, City, and State where the leased premises is physically located should be produced.  The Street Address should be supplied on the blank space following the words “…The Property Located At,” the City should be shown on the blank space following the words “City of” while the State should be reported on the blank line after the words “State Of.”

4 – Supplement The Articles Discussing The Sublease With The Requested Information

Several articles in this consent will require direct attention. Article “I. Sublease” shall provide two checkbox choices. The first, after the words “…For The Tenant To Sublease,” seeks to define how much of the premises the Landlord will allow the Tenant to sublease to another party. Mark the first check box if the Tenant may sublease the entire premises or the second checkbox to indicate the Landlord will only allow part of the premises to be sublet.Next, we will need to indicate if each Subtenant must be approved by the Landlord or not. If so, then mark the checkbox labeled “With.” If the Landlord does not require the Tenant to gain Landlord approval for each Subtenant, then mark the checkbox labeled “Without.”Use Article “II. Executed Copies,” to note when a copy of the Sublease should be provided to the Landlord. Enter the number of days before the Sublease’s Execution Date when such a copy must be furnished to the Landlord on the blank line between the words “…Copy Of The Sublease Agreement Within” and “Business Day(s) Of Its Execution Date.”Article “III. Sublease Fee” will document any expectation the Landlord has of payment for the consideration of allowing the Tenant to Sublease. If he or she will not charge the Tenant a Sublease Fee, then mark the check box labeled “No Fee.” If the Landlord does intend to collect a Sublease Fee from the Tenant then, mark the check box labeled “A Fee Of” and report the expected Sublease Fee (in USD) on the blank line provided in this article.

The fourth article, “Conditions,” preserves the Landlord right to either state this consent will apply only to this situation or all other sublet situations the Tenant may be interested in down the line. If the Landlord prefers to review sublet situations on a case by case basis and will only grant consent in the current situation with no future guarantees, then mark the first checkbox. If the Landlord consents to this and future sublet situations with this Tenant then mark the second checkbox. The next article requiring attention will be titled “XII. Governing Law.” Report the Name of the State that holds jurisdiction over the Master Lease, the Tenant’s Sublease, and this Consent on the blank line supplied after the words “…In The State Of”

5 – The Landlord And Tenant Must Each Acknowledge This Consent Through A Signature

The final part of this document will provide two defined areas after its articles where the Landlord and his or her Tenant may formally provide proof of their acknowledgment. The Landlord must sign the “Landlord’s Signature” line and print his or her Name on the “Print Name.” This should be followed by the Landlord’s Signature Date recorded on the “Date” line.The Tenant who seeks approval will also need to sign this document. He or she must sign the “Tenant’s Signature” line and record the Date at the time of signing on the blank space labeled “Date.” Additionally, the Tenant must make sure to present his or her Printed Name on the “Print Name” line.