Arkansas Rental Application Form

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The Arkansas Rental Application is to be completed by individuals who are applying for a rental property with a landlord or property manager. This rental form will gather all relevant information in one place to promote a level of organization. In addition, there is a credit/background/reference consent line which is mandatory to verify a candidate’s ability to fulfill the lease requirements. Utlilizing such a structured application allows landlords to easily perform a background check while adequately safeguarding the tenant’s sensitive information.

Application Fee (No Statute) – There is no limit on how much a landlord may charge.

Security Deposit (§ 18-16-304 & § 18-16-303) – Two months’ rent is the maximum that may be charged as a security deposit. This rule does not apply if the owner(s) collectively own five (5) or fewer residential properties.

How to Write

Step 1 – Several sections will require information to be input for this application to be filled. The first is the “Personal” section. The applicant will need to enter his or her Full Name, the Date the application will be submitted, and his or her phone number on the first line. The rest of the section will require the applicant’s Birth Date, Social Security Number, Co-applicant name’s (if any),  relationship with the Co-applicant, Email Address, Driver’s License Number and Issuing State, and some marital status information.

Step 2 – The “Rental Information” section is concerned mainly about the rental preferences of the candidate. Here, the Potential Move-In Date, Community Preferences, Desired Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, and Desired Monthly Rent will be the subjects a candidate will need to report. Also, there will be a space at the end for a candidate to list any preferred amenities he or she may be interested in.

Step 3 – The “Addresses” section will need information regarding the current address of the applicant and his or her previous address to be entered. Each section will require the Street Address City/State/Zip, the date they moved into that address, the monthly rent, the Owner/Management’s Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, verification if that contact is still there, the reason for leaving, verification the applicant gave notice, and if the applicant was asked to leave.

Step 4 – The “Occupants” section will be where the number of occupants for the rental will be entered. This will include the name, relationship to the candidate, and birth date of each applicant. Below this will be a checkbox for “Pets” and an area to input a description of those pets. If the applicant has no pets he or she will merely need to check ‘no.’

Step 5 – If the applicant drives and owns a motor vehicle, he or she will need to enter the vehicle information under “Cars.” There will be space for two vehicles. Each should have the Make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate Number, and Issuing State entered.

Step 6 – The “Employment” section is where a rental candidate’s employment information may be entered. There will be room for the candidate to report on two employers. Each one will require the employer’s name, the dates employed, the street address, position held, supervisor name, the cork hours, phone number and fax number for that employer.

Step 7 – The “Income” section will be where a candidate reports their financial power. There will be three lines for current income. The applicant will need to indicate if it is weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly income as well as the source. Below this the applicant will need to enter their bank and account number.

Step 8 – The “Reference” section will need to contain the non-related applicant references. This will give the Landlord a way of assessing the tenant’s personal life. Also, this section will require the emergency contact. Each entry will need the full name and phone number of the reference. An explanation of how that individual knows the applicant is required as well.

Step 9 – The “Credit Accounts” section will contain the information for credit references.  This is how a Landlord may determine if a candidate is financially responsible. The applicant should list the names, address, phone numbers, account number, and payments for each creditor. There will be a checkbox to determine if the entry is a current creditor. In addition to this initial area will be several checkboxes and a few lines to input additional information.

Step 10 – The final section for the applicant will be the signature line. This will also require the date of the signature entered.

Step 11 – Below the signature will be a note area for the Landlord or property management company. There will be several areas where the reference and credit check results may be entered. Below this will be an area for the final decision. If the tenant has been approved the reviewer may enter additional relevant information to keep track of ranging from the received deposit to utilities information.