Arizona Month to Month Rental Agreement Template

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The Arizona Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a lease contract that automatically renews on a monthly basis but may be canceled by either party with a month’s notice. This type of arrangement can be very useful to both lessor and lessee when unsure of the exact length of time the rental period should be in effect. While it is common for many to use a verbal month-to-month agreement, having a signed contract to preserve the rights of both a tenant and a landlord is a wise method to prevent any misunderstandings at a future date.

The benefit of this contract is that it will automatically renew at the end of every month while affording stability and freedom. This is achieved while providing an option for either to terminate the agreement when necessary. This contract will also require that thirty days’ notice is given prior the termination date. This will prevent the remaining party from being put in a financially awkward position (i.e. having to suddenly find a lessor/lessee replacement). Such a warning period gives the remaining party the opportunity to prepare for the termination. The automatic renewal and the notice requirement provide an excellent balance for all concerned while a written contract provides a reasonable level of security. Provided that both parties have agreed to the terms they have filled out, both can benefit from such an agreement.

Minimum Termination Notice – 30 Days

Laws – § 33-1375

How to Write

Step 1 – The initial item to be filled will be the full names of the Landlord and the Tenant. The date must also be entered here.

Step 2 – The next item will be the address of the property to be rented and the name of the city/municipality.

Step 3 – The “Lease Term” will define the start date of the agreement.

Step 4 – “Lease Payments” will require the amount due each month be entered along with the date and year that it is due.

Step 5 – The “Late Charges” will describe the consequences for a tenant if the rent is not paid on time. Here the day of the month that ends the grace period will be defined to be followed with the daily amount to be charged as a late fee. The day of the month tenant will be considered to have broken the agreement must be entered as well.

Step 6 – Enter the amount required for the security deposit in the “Security Deposit” paragraph.

Step 7 – When a tenant default occurs, the number of days from a notice for the tenant to successfully rectify the problem will be entered in the “Defaults” paragraph.

Step 8 – The “Occupants” statement must have the maximum number of residents allowed to live in/on the property.

Step 9 –The “Utilities and Services” shall be defined in the self-named section. This will include checkboxes for common utility/service charges. The landlord should mark the boxes that he/she will absorb. If there are additional services or utilities not covered by the checkboxes they may be entered on the blank line.

Step 10 – The “Pets” section will need the deposit amount for the pets to live there be entered.

Step 11 – In “Abandonment” the number of days a tenant is consequently missing required to consider the rental abandoned must be entered. A separate entry for this number when a tenant has not paid rent must be made.

Step 12 – The Additional Terms and Conditions section will contain several paragraphs beginning with “Display of Signs.” Here one must enter the number of days before a lease’s termination that a landlord may advertise via display or sign be entered.

Step 13 – The daily time range where furniture may be moved in or out of the rental must be entered in the “Noise” paragraph.

Step 14 – “Parking” will use checkboxes to note whether a tenant may park in a parking space on the property. It will also require the address where the space is located and the number of motor vehicles allowed to be entered.

Step 15  – The end of this document will require the Landlord signature, date of signature, and printed name. This will be followed by the Tenant’s signature. Below this is a small section where the printed name of a tenant must be entered with the Make, Model, Year, Color, and Plate number of the vehicle will be entered. This should be signed and dated by the driver. There will be additional areas for the other members of the household below this.