Arizona Rental Application Form

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An Arizona rental application gives landlords the ability to set up an organized process for gathering and retrieving information regarding rental applicants. This document is in compliance with both Arizona State Law and with the Uniform Landlords and Tenants Act. An added benefit to a written application process is that a landlord has a certain amount of protection from disgruntled applicants claiming an unfair process. A solid and fair application process should include such safeguards for the protection of all parties.

Application Fee (ARS 33-1321(B)) – There is no maximum for the application fee. If the landlord is to charge a fee, it must be written “non-refundable” on the application or else it is refundable to the tenant.

Security Deposit (ARS 33-1321(A)) – The maximum security deposit is equal to one and a half month’s rent.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF

1 – View Then Download The Application Form

The paperwork on this page can be viewed then saved to your machine as an Adobe PDF using an up-to-date browser or PDF editing program. If you prefer working with an ODT or Word file, you will need a compatible word processing program to view and enter information on-screen.

2 – Basic Information Defining The Application Should Be Prominently Displayed

Locate the two blank lines just below the title of this form (labeled “Property Address” and “Property Manager”) then enter the physical address of the property on the first blank line and the full name of the Property Manager/Landlord on the second blank space.  Now, fill in the dollar amount that shall be due each month from the applicant on the blank line labeled “Monthly Rent.”
Record the Calendar Date when the Applicant intends to move-in on the blank space labeled “Desired Move-In Date.”

3 – Each Applicant’s Current Information Must Be Documented

The first section of this application will be divided into two columns. If there are two Applicants, this will allow each one to present his or her information in conjunction with the other in a manner that will be easy for the reviewer to read through. Each row will require the same type of information from each Applicant. If there is only one, then only the column on the left needs to be supplied with information. We will begin by supplying the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Applicant along with any applicable Suffix to the first row. The second row will call for the “Social Security Number” of each Applicant supplied to it. Next, report each Applicant’s Birthday using the space labeled “Date Of Birth” on the third row. If the Applicant has a Driver’s License then, it should be supplied to the fourth row. Make sure to include the State where this license was issued. If the Applicant has a State Non-Driver’s ID instead (issued by the same entity that issues Driver’s Licenses in that state), then that ID Number and the issuing State on this row. Now, it will be time to supply some reliable contact information where the Applicant may be reached. Use the next two rows to report each Applicant’s “E-Mail Address” and “Phone/Cell Phone” Number. Note: This information will likely be used to contact the Applicant regarding this application. The next two rows will need the current physical Address of each Applicant reported. Use the space after the label “Present Address” to list the Applicant’s Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number. Then, supply his or her “City” “State,” and “Zip” to the row below this. The final two rows of this table have been reserved for the current “Landlord” and “Landlord Phone” Number of each Applicant. Make sure the information you report here is up-to-date.

4 – List Additional Facts Relevant To The Future Residency

The next area will seek some additional information on the Applicant’s living arrangements. If there will be any additional Occupants that will live on the property with the Applicant(s), then you must document the Full “Name,” “Relationship,” and “Date Of Birth” of each one using the labeled areas under the heading “Other Occupants.” If there is not enough room, you may use an editing program to simply copy one of these lines then paste it with appropriate spacing. If you are filling out this form manually or on a typewriter, you may include an attachment with this information. Everyone that will live with the Applicants must be reported here regardless of his or her relationship or age.  In addition to human occupants, each pet the Applicant(s) intend to live with on the property must also be supplied to this application. This can be done using the section labeled “Pets.” There will be enough room so that you can enter how many pets will live on the property (on the line labeled “Number”) along with the “Type,” “Weight,” and (if applicable) dog breed of two pets. If there are more, you may report the additional pets directly on-screen with an editing program or furnish an attachment. Now, if the Applicant(s) own and drive motor vehicles then, this too will need to be documented. The next section, labeled “Vehicle Information” will provide enough room so that you may supply the “Make,” “Model,” “Year,” “State,” and “License Number” for three vehicles of the Applicant(s). If there will be more vehicles owned and operated by the Applicant(s), make sure to include the same information for each one in an attachment or by using your editing program to enter it directly to this form.

It is customary that a property manager will wish to speak with someone who knows the Applicant reliably well regarding the Applicant. The table labeled “References” will supply the property manager with the means to contact such an individual. Every Applicant should provide the name, address, and phone number of an individual who is willing and able to verify the Applicant’s reliability and character to the property manager

5 – Some Background Information From Each Applicant Is Required

The next two sections of this application will each focus on the Applicant’s reliability both in the past and the present. We will begin with the table labeled “Have You Ever?” Two columns have been included in case there are two applicants however if there is only one, then he or she should attend to the left-hand column. Each Applicant should go through the list of questions then provide either a “Yes” or a “No” to each question using the “Yes/No” column. Make sure to answer each of these questions honestly. The first set will focus on your status with past properties you have rented thus enter a “Yes” or a “No” to indicate if you have “Paid Rent Late,” “Left Owing Rent,” “Been Evicted,” and/or “Left Property Damaged” in the past. The last three rows will seek your legal status. Enter a “Yes” or a “No” to report whether you have “Been Convicted Of Any Criminal Activity,” “Been Convicted Of A Felony,” or “Filed For Bankruptcy” in the past. Note: If you have filed for Bankruptcy, report the Date using the “Date Discharged” line. If any of the statements in the “Have You Ever?” apply to you, then use the blank lines after the words “…Please Explain” to provide more information regarding the situation being reported. If more room is required then, you may continue using an attachment or add more lines. Generally, it is recommended to be as honest, clear, and concise as possible. The table labeled “Employment Information” will also contain two columns (one for each Applicant). Remember if there are more than two Applicants, the same information must be reported for each one. If so, inquire from the Property Manager whether he or she prefers an attachment or additional applications. You must follow any such directives when submitting this application. Each Applicant must document his or her “Employer” name, the “Position” he or she holds with that employer using the first two rows of this table. The Applicant’s employment report must continue with his or her  “Supervisor’s Name,” and “Supervisor’s Phone” Number presented on the next two rows of this table. Next, supply the first “Employment Date” when the Applicant started working at his or her present job. Using the area in the subheading “Income,” each Applicant’s “Monthly Take Home” and “Other Income” to the next two blank lines (after the “$”). Add the dollar amounts you entered in “Monthly Income” and “Other Income” then, enter this sum on the blank line labeled “Total Monthly Income.” The final table, “Credit Information,” will focus on each Applicant’s financial information. Each Applicant must supply the name of his or her “Bank” on the first line, the “Branch” Address on the second line, and the “Account Type” he or she holds on the third line.

6 – The Applicant Must Demonstrate The Intent To Submit This Information

The “Authorization” area will present a few paragraphs defining the conditions under which this application is being submitted. The Applicant must sign his or her name on the blank line labeled “Applicant” then enter the Current Calendar Date on the adjacent blank space.  If another person is applying for this rental with the Applicant, he or she must sign the “Co-Applicant” line and report his or her signature date on the blank line labeled Date.