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Arizona Rental Application Form

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Arizona Rental Application Form

Updated April 14, 2023

An Arizona rental application gives landlords the ability to set up an organized process for gathering and retrieving information regarding rental applicants. This document is in compliance with both Arizona State Law and with the Uniform Landlords and Tenants Act. An added benefit to a written application process is that a landlord has a certain amount of protection from disgruntled applicants claiming an unfair process. A solid and fair application process should include such safeguards for the protection of all parties.


  • Application Fee – There is no maximum for the application fee. If the landlord is to charge a fee, it must be written “non-refundable” on the application or else it is refundable to the tenant (ARS 33-1321(B)).
  • Security Deposit – The maximum security deposit is equal to one and a half month’s rent (ARS 33-1321(A)).