Rent Balance Letter Template (Demand for Rent)

The current rent balance letter is sent from a landlord to a tenant to inform of any past due or monies owed from non-payment of rent or other dues owed. The letter is meant to be an informal message to the tenant stating they owe money to the landlord with language stating that the next letter will be an eviction notice or proceedings. The rent balance letter should outline to the tenant the total amount due for the specific rental periods and include any other penalties or other items owed. The letter should be sent via certified mail (with return receipt) giving the landlord official notice the letter was received by the tenant.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – The Notice Template In The Preview Should Be Downloaded

Download the paperwork available through the links above or the buttons in the caption area of the preview image when you are ready to fill out and deliver a notice that an overdue rent balance exists.

2 – Header Information Must Be Presented To The Top Of The Page

As with most letters, the header of this notice will require information identifying both Sender and Recipient. Begin by recording the full Name of the Sender to the first blank line in the upper-left of this notice. Typically, the Sender of this paperwork will be a Landlord, Property Owner, Property Management Company, or even an outside party such as an attorney-in-fact. Thus, if the Sender is an individual then record his or her first, middle, and last name. If the Sender is a business entity, then enter the full name including any applicable status suffix to this line. Use the next two empty lines to present the Sender’s complete address. The calendar date that will be used to document when this letter was generated and sent should be provided on the blank line labeled “Date.” Now, we must furnish the full name of the Recipient of this notice on the first blank line below the calendar date you have just supplied. In most, if not all, cases, this will be the Tenant responsible for the rent payments required by the lease agreement. Therefore, make sure to record the name of this Recipient precisely as it appears on the violated lease agreement. Record the mailing address where you are sending this notice. If the violated agreement lists a specific address where the Tenant is to receive notices, make sure you are sending this letter or a copy of this letter to that address unless otherwise advised by the Tenant or a professional such as an attorney. The final item that requires attention before we proceed to the body of this letter is the opening. Locate the word “Dear,” then supply the full name of the Recipient Tenant on the blank line that follows it.

3 – Supply The Body Of This Letter With Specifics

The language used in this notice has been employed to inform a Tenant, delinquent in rent payments, of the seriousness of this subject and what he or she can do to rectify the matter. You will need to produce the overdue rent amount that you seek from the Tenant on the blank line following the dollar sign and before the phrase “Due Immediately.” It is often both advisable and required to name the time frame that applies to the overdue rent amount you seek paid. Supply the first calendar month and year and the last calendar month and year to this paragraph using the last four blank spaces in this statement. The last statement in this notice will enable you to provide the Recipient Tenant with a method to contact you on an immediate basis. The blank line after the words “You Can Contact Me At” should be used to document the phone number you wish the Recipient Tenant to call when he or she wishes to discuss this notice or arrange payment.

4 – Close This Letter With A Signed Execution

Now that we have addressed the letter accordingly and supplied the information requested in its body, you will need to execute it properly. Sign the blank line under the word “Sincerely.” This will solidify your intention regarding the collection of the overdue rent payment.