California Lease Termination Letters | 30 & 60 Day Notice

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The California lease termination agreements are used by a landlord or tenant seeking to end a month to month tenancy relationship. The form must be served to the other party (recommended with Certified Mail). All month to month tenancies must be terminated with 30 days’ notice if the tenant was on the property for less than a year and 60 days’ notice of the tenant has rented for one (1) year or longer.

LawsCivil Code 1946


30-Day Notice – For a month-to-month tenancy that began less than one (1) year from the notice of termination.

60-Day Notice – For a month-to-month tenancy that has been going on for one (1) year or more.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the tenant(s)/subtenant(s) names.

Step 2 – The property’s information must be inputted including the street address, unit #, city, and zip code.

Step 3 – The date for which the notice begins must be written and the submitter will need to sign.

Proof of Service – Decide which of the following ways to send the notice:

  • Deliver Notice Personally
  • Leaving a Copy at the Residence or Place of Business
  • Posting and Mailing via Certified Mail (Return Receipt)