California Lease Termination Letters | 30 & 60 Day Notice

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Updated June 03, 2022

The California lease termination agreements are used by a landlord or tenant seeking to end a month-to-month tenancy relationship. The form must be served to the other party (recommended with Certified Mail). All month-to-month tenancies must be terminated with 30 days’ notice if the tenant was on the property for less than a year and 60 days’ notice of the tenant has rented for one (1) year or longer.

LawsCivil Code 1946

Types (2)

30-Day Notice – For a month-to-month tenancy that began less than one (1) year from the notice of termination.

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60-Day Notice – For a month-to-month tenancy that has been going on for one (1) year or more.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the tenant(s)/subtenant(s) names.

Step 2 – The property’s information must be inputted including the street address, unit #, city, and zip code.

Step 3 – The date for which the notice begins must be written and the submitter will need to sign.

Proof of Service – Decide which of the following ways to send the notice:

  • Deliver Notice Personally
  • Leaving a Copy at the Residence or Place of Business
  • Posting and Mailing via Certified Mail (Return Receipt)