California Lease Termination Letter Form | 60-Day Notice

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Updated June 03, 2022

A California Lease Termination Letter (60 Days) is a notice for a residential landlord to use when he seeks to have a tenant vacate the premises after they have lived there for at least a year or more. In California, a landlord may terminate a lease after a tenant has lived at the property for a year or more by providing sixty days’ notice to the tenant. If a tenant has been living on the property for less than a year, the landlord only needs to provide thirty (30) days’ notice and you should use This Form instead. This affords an opportunity for the landlord to provide legal notice to vacate to the tenant and for the tenant to have enough time to make other housing arrangements.

Cal. Civ. Code § 1946.1 – An owner of a residential dwelling shall give notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the proposed date of termination.

How to Write

Step 1 – You may download a copy of the California Lease Termination Letter (60 Days) by selecting the button labeled “PDF” on the right side of the page then save this document to your machine.

Step 2 – The Preparer of this document will need to self-report his or her Identity at the top of the page. The Name of the Agent/Broker must be entered on the first blank space. Below this, the Name of the Landlord of the Property must be reported on the blank space labeled “Landlord.” Next, the Phone Number and Email of the entity filling out this form must be reported on the spaces labeled “Phone” and “Email” in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Step 3 – Locate the box beginning with the words “NOTE: A residential Landlord may terminate…” Below this, on the two blank spaces after the word “Date,” enter the Date of this document.

Step 4 – Then, just before the word “California” on this line, document the full address of the property the Tenant must vacate as a result of this document. The Address should be composed of the Building Number, Street, Unit Number (if applicable), and City.

Step 5 – On the blank space following the words “To Tenant,” enter the Full Name of each Tenant that must surrender the property to the Landlord or Landlord Agent.

Step 6 – In Item 1.1, the Date of the Lease Agreement being terminated must be entered in the space following the word “dated.” Then, enter the Complete Street Address (including the City) on the blank space preceding the word “California.”

Step 7 – On the blank space in Item 1.2, fill in the Full Name of each Tenant who has Signed the Lease Agreement and must vacate the premises as a result of the Lease Violation.

Step 8 – On the blank line provided in Item 1.3, you must report the Full Name of the Landlord named in the Lease Agreement being violated.

Step 9 – In Item 1.4, document how the rental property is referred to in the Lease Agreement and in Record Keeping. For instance, a Unit Number or an Account Number. This blank line may also contain the Address of the rental property if no such designation is assigned to this property.

Step 10 – The next item requiring attention will be Item 3. Here, estimate the Date that is at least Sixty Days after the Tenant will receive this Notice then report it using the blank spaces provided (just after the word “…before”). This will be the last Date of compliance when the Tenant is expected to surrender the Property. Then, on the blank space at the end of the Item 3 statement, enter the Name of the entity the Tenant may surrender the Property to should the Landlord not be found that day.

Step 11 – Next, in Item 4, you must report the Dollar Amount in monthly rent that will be due  on the space just after the words “Monthly rent of $.” Then enter the Date this amount is due using the blank spaces provided after the word “due.”

Step 12 – If the amount due has been prorated (due to an incomplete billing period), report this Dollar Amount after the term “Prorated rent of $.” Then, use the next two spaces to report the due date of this Prorated Amount.

Step 13 – Item 5 requires the Security Deposit Amount submitted by the Tenant to be reported on the blank space provided. The Landlord must report the full Security Deposit Amount here regardless of whether damages are expected to be assessed.

Step 14 – The reason the Lease Agreement is being terminated must be reported on the blank line in Item 9.

Step 15 – Enter the Date of this Notice on the blank space labeled “Date”

Step 16 – On the line beginning with the word “Landlord/Agent,” Print the Full Name of the Landlord or Agent who is providing a Signature to this document. If applicable, report the Department of Real Estate Number of this entity on the blank space designated with “DRE #.”

Step 17 – At the bottom of this page will be the Signature line. The Landlord or Landlord Agent issuing this Notice must provide his or her Signature on the space following the word “Signature.”

Step 18 – On the space labeled “Address,” document the Complete Address of the Landlord or Landlord Agent that has Signed this document.

Step 19 – On the last line of this document, report the Phone Number, Cell Number, and Fax Number where the Signature Party may be leased.

Step 20 – This Notice must be served to each Tenant it applies to. This may be served personally, by a service that specializes in serving notices (and then mailed) or left in a conspicuous place such as taped up on the door (and then mailed). When mailing this Notice, make sure you use First Class Mail (at the very least).