Colorado Rental Application Form

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The Colorado Rental Application is a form used by Colorado landlords and/or property managers to gather information regarding potential tenants. Both landlords and property managers must observe state and federal law when seeking new tenants. This means that a tenant may be rejected for things such as a bad credit history or an established reputation for paying rent late with previous landlords. However, it is illegal for landlords to reject a potential tenant due to physical or mental disability as this would violate the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968.

Application Fee (§ 38-12-903) – Landlords can charge tenants any amount so long as the entire fee is used to cover the actual costs incurred by the landlord. This fee must be consistent with the amounts charged to other prospective tenants.

Security Deposit (No Statutes) – There is no limit to the amount a landlord may request as a security deposit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the Date and the Address of the property you are applying to rent on the first line.

Step 2 – Under “Applicant’s Information, “enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial and the applicable suffix following your name (if any).

Step 3 – Next enter your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Phone Number.

Step 4 – Next to “Current Address,” input the street address of your current residence. There will be several questions following this. You will need to report how long you lived at your current address, the Landlord/Mortgage Co’s Name, and the Reason for Leaving in the appropriate areas. There will be an additional area for the Previous Address you resided in. Here, enter the relevant information for the place where you resided before your current address.

Step 5 – The “Employment Status” section is where you will report on your place of business. That is, how you will be making the money to pay for the rental. Check off the box which applies to your situation. On the left column, enter the Employer Name, Address, Position you hold with this employer, and your monthly income. The column on the right will require how long you worked for this Employer along with the Phone Number. There will be two spaces for Supervisor name. The next line will ask you to report additional sources of income, the amount (use a realistic average if there is no set amount) earned from this other income source, then name the additional Source of income. Finally, if there is an additional source of income, list the contact name so that the Landlord can verify this information there.

Step 6 – The next section will be for a Co-Applicant to fill out. If more than one Tenant will be named on the lease enter their information here. This will require same type of information as that provided for the initial Tenant in steps 2 through 5.

Step 7 – If there are other residents who will be residing on the property, enter their Names, Date of Birth, and Relationship to you in the space provided.

Step 8 – The following section will require some information if the Tenant will be living with any pets on the property. If so, report that you have pets, how many, their breed, and their type.

Step 9 – The “Additional Information” section will require the Driver’s License Number, State that license was issued, and the Expiration Date. If there is a second applicant, they too must provide this information.

Step 10 – The “Vehicle” section will require information about any automotive vehicles owned by an applicant. List the Make, Year, Color, Tag Number, and State where the vehicle was registered for each vehicle owned.

Step 11 – The “Credit Information” will require you report on the financial institutions you bank with. Enter the Bank Name, Address, and account number you old with them. There will be enough room to list this information for two banks. If this is not enough space (i.e. there are two applicants) consult with the Landlord to avoid any delays in processing of your application

Step 12 – Each applicant must enter Emergency Contact information under “In Case of Emergency.” Generally this is a relative. This application will require the Applicant’s Nearest Living Relative Name and Address to be filled in.

Step 13 – The next paragraph should have the price of background reports filled in. If not, contact the Landlord or Agent to verify the price of this service.

Step 14 – Each Applicant must sign the application in this section.

Step 15 – The next area will be a consent form to run background and credit check. Enter the Date, the name(s) of the applicant, make sure the price of the report is entered, then sign the bottom of this page. Each applicant must sign the bottom of this page.

Step 16 – The final page is the “Credit Report Information” Consent form. This will require each applicant to provide his/her Full Name, Social Security Number, Birth Date, Current Address (if the applicant has been at the current address for less than two years, he/she must provide their previous address as well). This form should also be signed by each applicant and dated.