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Co-Working Space Lease Agreement | For Shared or Dedicated Space

Co-Working Space Lease Agreement | For Shared or Dedicated Space

Updated August 04, 2023

A co-working lease agreement allows a tenant to lease office space that is being shared and rented by other businesses. The tenant is often treated as a “member” of the space with their only cost being the monthly rent and no utilities or other fees. The tenant must follow a set of rules related to noise and the number (#) of guests allowed on the property. Depending on the property, the agreement may be written in for a fixed time-frame or on a month-to-month basis.

Commercial Rental Application – To be used to screen a tenant before signing a lease.

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What is a Co-Working Tenant?

A co-working tenant is someone that works primarily from their laptop and therefore able to share common space and desks with other “like” businesses. This type of space is commonly used by independent contractors, tech-related companies and non-professional use.

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Co-Working Agreements: By Type

Hourly Rate ($/hr) – Use of the premises on an hourly basis with billing based on check-in and check-out times.

Monthly Membership ($/MO) – Usage of the amenities including any common areas or dedicated workspace.

By Square Footage ($/SF) – Usage of the amenities including any common areas or dedicated office paid on a monthly basis.

3 Types of Co-Working Space

Common Areas

large co-working lounge with people working on laptops

Usually low-level access to the property. Gives access to the common areas consisting of desks and tables and a plug for the computer. The tenant will have access to conference rooms, coffee, internet (Wi-Fi), business address (receiving mail), and any other offered amenities.

Dedicated Workspace

person typing on laptop in small office

It allows a tenant to have a dedicated chair and desk within the shared co-working space. This allows a tenant to leave their computer and business files on the premises (if adequate security).

Dedicated Office

people working in cubicles

For a private office separated from the other shared space on the property. The dedicated office is defined by square footage (SF) and only used by the sole tenant under lock and key.

International Co-Working Spaces

There are only two (2) major companies, Regus and WeWork, that have many locations around the world. Most co-working spaces are local to the area or community.

Sample Co-Working Agreements

REGUS – Sample

Download: PDF

WeWork – Sample

Downloads: PDF