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Connecticut Rental Application Form

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Connecticut Rental Application Form

Updated October 03, 2023

A Connecticut rental application is used when information from a prospective tenant must be submitted to a landlord or property manager to ascertain if that tenant is a viable rental candidate. This form will contain a standard set of questions that may be answered either by filling in blanks or by marking a checkbox. The application will be in compliance with the federal Fair Housing Act and will not require any information that may violate this law. Also, there will be a consent line where a candidate may give the landlord or property manager permission to run a background and/or credit check on the applicant.


  • Application Fee – Landlords are permitted to charge prospective tenants any amount as an application fee (no statutes).
  • Security Deposit – A security deposit cannot exceed two (2) months’ rent. However, if the tenant is aged sixty-two (62) years or older, the landlord may only charge one (1) month’s rent (§ 47a-21(14)(b)).

Realtor Version

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