Washington D.C. Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Washington D.C. sublease agreement allows an active tenant (sub-lessor) under a binding lease to sublet the property to a qualified sub-tenant (sub-lessee) with the permission of the landlord. Though some master lease agreements prevent a tenant from subletting the premises, some are more lenient regarding the arrangement. A tenant may still pursue permission from the property owner/manager through a consent form or by obtaining a waiver. Upon executing a sublease, the sub-lessee has the legal right to co-inhabit or completely occupy the rented premises from the sub-lessor. Sub-lessees pay rent directly to sub-lessors and typically do not associate with the property manager. Regardless of the structure, the sub-lessor retains their responsibility of paying all rent-related costs to the property owner/manager in a timely fashion.

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