Delaware Rental Application Template

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The Delaware Rental Application Template is a form individuals seeking to lease a property in Delaware may use to present their credentials to property managers. This is a standardized application for a property being rented so the information required from an applicant will focus on addressing several important questions most (if not all) property owners or landlords will need to be answered. For instance, the primary concern of any landlord will be if a potential tenant can pay their rent on a regular basis for the time they are renting.

Additionally, they would need to know if the tenant would be a detrimental to the property or the quality of life for any other tenants. These concerns must be addressed whenever someone applies to rent a property. Other secondary concerns will also be covered in this application. While these may not necessarily be items that will determine whether a tenant is granted a lease or not, it is very helpful to know how many family members the tenant will bring with them or if they have pets ahead of time. All of the above concerns are just some of the considerations a property manager must take into account when seeking the right tenant for a space being rented. This form will provide a standardized method for collecting these (and additional) facts in a clean and easy to read format.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in the address of the property being applied to on the first line.

Step 2 – Fill in the requested date you would like to move in on below this.

Step 3 – Enter your last name, first name, and middle initials on the first line of the second section.

Step 4 – Enter your social security number and driver’s license on the second line of this section.

Step 5 – Enter your birthday and phone number below this in their appropriate spaces.

Step 6 – On the fourth line of this section, check the box to indicate whether your cell phone has texting capabilities and your cell phone number.

Step 7 – Next to the words “Current Address,” enter the street address of the address you are living in. Then, enter the city, state, zip code, landlord name, landlord phone number, the date you moved in, the date you would like to move out, your current monthly rent amount, and the reason you are moving. Fill in this information regarding the last place you lived in the following section, starting next to the words “Previous Address.”

Step 8 – Next to the words “Current Employment,” enter the name of your current employer, the employer’s street address, city, and zip code. Then, enter the name of your supervisor, his/her phone number, the start date of your employment there, the end date, your income, and check whether this is weekly, monthly, or yearly income amount. This information will need to be entered for your previous employer in the next section beginning with the words “Previous Employment.”

Step 9 – The next section will be a chart to fill in. Here, enter the name of each occupant (those you will be living with), his or her relationship to you, and that individual’s age.

Step 10 – If you have pets the, enter that pet’s description and weight next to the word “Pets.”

Step 11 – The next section will be composed of checkbox disclosures (evictions, bankruptcy, felony convictions). If you check ‘yes’ for any of them you will need to provide an explanation in the space provided.

Step 12 – There will be two amounts that must be filled in. The first will be for a non-refundable application fee. The second will be a reservation fee which is forfeit if an applicant is approved but refuses to enter a lease. If these lines are blank, contact the property manager or landlord and obtain the number amounts (even if they are $0.00, they must be filled in).

Step 13 – Sign and date the application at the bottom.