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Florida Lease Termination Letter | 15-Day Notice

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Florida Lease Termination Letter | 15-Day Notice

Updated August 04, 2023

A Florida Termination Letter Form is a required document when one wishes to end a month-to-month agreement in this state. This state will require that fifteen (15) days’ notice be given by whichever party wishes to end a month-to-month lease agreement. This will serve to prevent the party receiving the notice from being forced to endure hardships as a result of their lease’s termination. In this way, a balance of flexibility and responsibility is provided to both parties. After all, this type of arrangement would have a significant impact upon dissolution for either party. A landlord will need to replace the lost income from a tenant who is terminating the lease, whereas a tenant would need to find another place to live should the landlord wish to terminate. The termination notice requirement in Florida enables a landlord to possibly replace the tenant income or gives the tenant the chance to avoid being homeless suddenly.

LawsF.S.A. § 83.57(3)