Florida Rental Application Form

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The Florida Rental Application is an easy-to-use tool that landlords may use to screen rental applicants. This rental application will be in accordance with the federal Fair Housing Act. Therefore, any personal questions, such as those regarding ethnicity or religion, are excluded. Using a set document that is compliant with federal laws will dissuade disgruntled candidates from seeking retaliation for simply not qualifying for a property. Additionally, a certain level of organization will be gained by having clearly set areas for the information collected across all applications.

Application Fee (No Statutes) – There are no restrictions regarding the maximum amount a landlord may charge to screen potential tenants.

Security Deposit (No Statutes) – There is no maximum; landlords may charge any amount they see fit.

How to Write

Step 1 – The telephone and fax number must be present on the first line of the application. Make sure this is present when filling out this document.

Step 2 – Next to “Applicant’s Name,” enter your full name. Then next to “Soc. Security,” enter your full social security number. This information must be %100 accurate.

Step 3 – The next line will need your “Birth Date” and “Driver’s Lic. # (Driver’s License Number). The birth date should be in the standard dd/mm/yyyy format.

Step 4 – Under the “Residential History” heading, enter your address on the line starting with “Present Address.” There will be an individual space for each of the following: Street Address (in “Present Address”), City, County, State, and Zip code.

Step 5 – The next line will require the full name of the Landlord/Owner and his or her Telephone number.

Step 6 – The third line of this section will require the monthly rent amount (in “Rent Amount”), the first date (month/year) of the lease and the last date you paid this rent. Following this enter the word “yes” or “no” next to the question “Was 30-day notice given?” Next to the question “When” give the exact date the landlord has received notice that you will be vacating the premises and ending the lease agreement.

Step 7 – Finally, next to “Reason for Leaving,” enter the specific reason you have decided not to renew the lease.

Step 8 – Enter the applicable information for your place of residence before you moved into your current address.

Step 9 – Under “Employment,” enter the name of your current employer. This will be followed by the current employer’s telephone number.

Step 10 – The second line of this section will require the name of your “Supervisor” and the job “Position” you hold.

Step 11 – The final line of the first section in “Employment” will require the date span for the time “Length Employed.” Enter your start date and your end date. If still employed, write the word “present” next to the word “to.” Then check whether you are a “Full-time” or “Part-time” employee. Finally define how much you earn by entering a salary amount next to “Salary” and the time unit associated with that number next to the word “per.”

Step 12 – The next section under “Employment,” will require similar information for your place of work before your current or most recent job.

Step 13 – The next item requiring attention will be information regarding your vehicle. If you do not own a vehicle there is no need to fill out this section. If you do own a vehicle, there will be enough space to enter the required information for two. This will be next to “List Make & Model” (i.e. Buick Skylark) and “License” plate number. Also enter any specialty vehicles (such as an RV) next to the words “If so, please list”

Step 14 – Below the vehicle section will be several disclosure questions prospective questions will need to answer. They will concern pets, water-filled furniture, bankruptcy, eviction, felony and misdemeanor convictions, or if you’ve ever broken a lease. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there will be an area next to the question to explain further. It is strongly suggested to be honest and forthright in this section.

Step 15 – On the top of the second page, list the address you are applying to rent next to the words “Property Desired”

Step 16 – The next three paragraphs will disclose applicant requirements, approval for a credit/background check, and verification the information you filled out is accurate. Once this section has been signed, a candidate filling out this application may be held accountable for any falsification they are guilty of. This will be at the discretion of the property manager or landlord accepting the application.

Step 17 – Next to “Applicant’s Signature, “sign your name.

Step 18 – If there will be anyone living with you, list their names and date of birth below your signature in the space provided.