Hawaii Rental Application Form

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The Hawaiian Rental Application Form is a tool used to gather information from prospective tenants seeking to rent a space from a landlord or property manager. A landlord’s primary concern is to make sure the space is rented to a fiscally responsible tenant who will obey the rules of the property and remain in accordance of both the law and common consideration to the other tenants. Vetting candidates ensure that that income from the rental is steady and that little if no damages will occur.

Application Fee (No Statute) – There is no statutory limitation on application fees. Consequently, a landlord may demand any amount they deem acceptable.

Security Deposit (§ 521-44(b)) – A landlord may not request a security deposit that exceeds one months rent.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first section of this form shall require some basic information to be filled out. Fill in the rent amount you wish to pay per month and the total number of people who shall be living with you. Next, indicate if county housing is required by placing a checkmark next to the word “yes” or the word “no.” Note if county housing is applicable to this application then attach the voucher and worksheet to this document.

Step 2 – The next section will be the applicant section.  There will be room for two applicants. Each must provide his or her name, phone number, employer, position held (with that employer), how long they have worked in their current position, the supervisor’s name, the supervisor’s phone number, the monthly salary, any additional monthly income, and the source of any additional income.

Step 3 – The third section will require the full name of each person that will be occupying the rental property with the tenant.

Step 4 – The fourth section, titled “Reference Information,” shall pertain to the past living arrangements you have had. The current address information should go in the top left side of this section then list the previous addresses you lived in descending order. Each entry will require the current street address, city, state, zip code, date of move in, date of move out, the landlord’s name, the landlord’s phone number, the rent amount paid, and the reason for moving.

Step 5 – Each applicant or prospective tenant must be able to provide at least two personal references. Enter each one’s full name and phone number in the section labeled “Non-Related Personal References.”

Step 6 – The next section will deal with “Additional Information.” This will be composed of some simple questions. First, if you have any pets, write ‘yes’ in the space provided and enter the type and how many in the space provided to the right of this. Indicate if you have a waterbed or not in the space provided (next to the word “waterbed.” There will be enough room to provide information on three vehicles you own. For each one report the make and model. Finally, you may provide some alternate contact information. Indicate if you have an email address (there will be room for two) by entering the email address in the space provided. If you are open to an email correspondence locate the statement “May we contact you by email” and write “yes” in the space provided.” Finally, if you have a cell phone or second line, report this and provide the number.