Illinois Rental Application Form

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The Illinois Rental Application Form is used when a property manager or landlord must gather information regarding viable candidates for a property rental. Candidates will need to be prepared ahead of time to ensure that the information they submit is accurate. In addition, they must be prepared to sign a consent line to give the landlord or property manager permission to run a background and credit check. It should be noted that a tenant can be held responsible if it is found during such checks that any information provided on such an application is false.

Application Fee (No Statute) – The state of Illinois does not limit the amount that can be requested from rental applicants.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – Landlords are permitted to charge any amount as a security deposit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Lines 1- 4 are for interoffice use and should be filled in by the property manager if possible. On line 2, enter the address of the premises being applied to. On line 3, enter the monthly rent amount and the security deposit amount in their appropriate spaces. On line 4, enter the start date of the lease and the end date of the lease being applied for.

Step 2 – Lines 5 through 72 should be filled in by the tenant. Enter your full name and contact phone number on line 6. On line 7, indicate how many co-applicants attaching their application to yours. If there are none leave this blank.

Step 3 – On line 8, enter the current address of where you live.

Step 4 – On line 9, enter your email address.

Step 5 – On line 10, enter your social security number and your date of birth.

Step 6 – On line 11, enter the number of adults, the number of children under 18, and the number of pets that will live with you. If you have pets, then on line 12 enter the type and weight of each pet.

Step 7 – On line 13, enter the full name of your nearest living relative and that individual’s relation to you (Note: this cannot be your co-applicant) Then on line 14 enter the address and phone number of that relative.

Step 8 – Lines 15 through 19 will focus on your current living situation. On line 15, enter the full name and phone number of your current landlord. Then provide his/her address on line 16. The current rent and the expiration date of your current lease should be reported on line 17. Similarly, on line 18 state the number of years you have lived at the current address, indicate if you are sharing the premises, and state how long you have lived there. Next, provide a reason for moving on line 19.

Step 9 – Lines 19 through 22 will focus on the last address you lived in before your current one. On line 20, enter your previous address and how long you have lived there. On line 21, enter the full name of your previous landlord and that party’s phone number. On line 22, enter the address of the previous landlord.

Step 10 – On line 23, check the first box if you smoke and check the second one if you do not smoke.

Step 11 – Lines 24 through 32 will focus on your current and previous place of employment. On Line 25, enter the name of your current employer and how long you have worked there. Then on line 26, enter the address of your place of employment. On Line 27, fill in the job title you hold next to the word “Position” then enter your gross annual income. Write out your supervisor’s full name and enter his/her phone number on line 28. If you have been employed less than two years with your current employer, you will need to fill out lines 29 through 32. If you have been employed with your current employer for more than two years, you may skip to line 33. Though it is a good idea to give as much information as possible. Line 29 will require your previous employer’s name. Line 30 will require the address and number of years you worked for your previous employer. Line 31 will require your official job title and gross annual income entered. Finally, on line 32, enter your supervisor’s full name and phone number.

Step 12 – Initial line 33.

Step 13 – If you have other income, this will need to be reported on line 35 and 36. Enter the source of additional income, the amount of money you make as a result, and the frequency that amount of money is earned. You may enter one source on each line.

Step 14 – Lines 37 through 41 will ask about your financial obligations. For each obligation, enter the name of the company and type of obligation next to “Description” (i.e. XXX bank MasterCard), the amount you must pay, and how frequently you must pay this amount.

Step 15 – Lines 42 through 45 will gather information regarding your banks. There will be enough space to report on three separate accounts. Each account must have its own line. Enter the name of your bank then place a checkmark next to the account type you have at that bank.

Step 16 – Lines 47 through 49 provide an area to report information on any vehicles you may own. There will be enough space to report on three vehicles. Each vehicle must have the make/mode, year, license plate number, and issuing state reported.

Step 17 – On line 50 if you have ever been denied a lease, check the first box and give a brief explanation as to why on lines 51-52. If you have never been denied a lease, check the second box.

Step 18 – On line 53, if you have engaged in any court cases or have any pending check the first box then write a brief description of that proceeding on line 54-55. If not, then check the second box.

Step 19 – On line 56, check the first box if you or any of the people who will be living with you are subject to the Illinois Sexual Offender Registration Act (or anything similar in another jurisdiction). If not, then check the second box.

Step 20 – Report how much you have paid the property management company or landlord for a credit/background check on line 58.

Step 21 – Carefully read the verification, disclosure, and consent lines between lines 59 and 69.

Step 22 – On line 70, sign your name and provide a date for that signature.

Step 23 – On line 72 print your name.

Step 24 – On line 75 print your current address.