Indiana Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Indiana commercial lease agreement template provides the framework for a written contract governing the rental of a commercial property. This template is in compliance with Indiana State law (Title 26. Commercial Law, Article 1 Uniform Commercial Code) and thus may be used to define a rental agreement anywhere in the state of Indiana between a property manager or landlord and a commercial entity wishing to lease a property to run a business upon. The type of business must be in adherence with Indiana State code as well. That is the property must be zoned for the purpose it is being leased. For instance, one cannot operate a factory business where noxious fumes and bio-hazardous chemicals are produced adjacent to a public school. Most, if not all, municipalities would forbid the operation of such a business in that zone. It is up to the property owner and business owner to make sure the rental contract is adherent to all federal, state, and local laws and statutes.

Indianans wishing to operate a business will likely need a space for this. Meanwhile, landlords with a commercial space must find a company to rent that space to. This is a fine start however the individual terms and conditions must be discussed and agreed to before entering them on this document. Once this document has been completed and signed it will be very difficult to change in any way. Thus it will be in the best interest of both parties to make sure they are able to uphold their respective responsibilities.