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Kentucky Lease Termination Form | 30-Day Notice

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Kentucky Lease Termination Form | 30-Day Notice

Updated August 04, 2023

A Kentucky Termination Lease Letter Form is a state-required correspondence that applies to a lessor or lessee who wishes to terminate a Month-to-Month lease. Generally, it is a good idea to maintain positive relations even when terminating a lease. This tends to reflect well on either party and may potentially add to one’s reputation. This show of consideration from a party departing such an arrangement may help prevent the remaining party from undergoing overwhelming hardships in needing to find a replacement. That is, a tenant is more likely to find a suitable replacement for the premises they reside in if they have the time to do so rather than only a few days. Kentucky State Law seeks to prevent such occurrences in KRS Chapter 33.

§ 383.695 – Requires both landlords and tenants to provide at least thirty (30) days’ notice before terminating a lease contract.

It is imperative the user of this form letter allows enough time for delivery for the receiver to be in possession of the completed letter at least one full month before the termination date. The method of delivery must comply with any method for notice delivery described in the lease. If possible it is generally a good idea to send it registered or certified mail as this will require a signature and date from the receiver as verification of receipt.