Kentucky Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form

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The Kentucky Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form is a standard lease document that is useful when two or more roommates decide they wish to share the expenses of maintaining a residence. This can be a very beneficial arrangement, especially in today’s housing market. This type of arrangement allows individuals access to living in a high-quality residence or desired neighborhood they may not necessarily be able to afford otherwise.

Obviously, the benefits seem clear if the roommates have a good rapport beforehand however it is generally considered wise to take certain steps to ensure the original agreement is adhered to. For instance, if left undocumented, the potential for misunderstandings that may damage or even destroy a good living situation and/or relationship increases. Such unpleasantries may be easily avoided by simply documenting the agreement as opposed to entering and maintaining a verbal one.

This contract form will solidify the exact arrangement all participating roommates have agreed to when entering. This will require a signature from each roommate entering the agreement which will bind that individual to agreeing to the specific terms and conditions contained in this contract. This agreement form does not bind the landlord however it is likely to potentially prevent needless misunderstandings or conflicts between the roommates themselves.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date of the lease agreement in the space provided at the top of the page.

Step 2 – Enter the name of the new roommate on the second line.

Step 3 – Enter the name of the tenant who holds the main lease for the premises next to the words “Landlord/Principal.”

Step 4 – Enter the full names of each roommate on the blank lines where it says “Current Co-Tenant(s).”

Step 5 – Enter the full address of the premises the roommates are renting and residing in together where it says “Property.”

Step 6 – Below the address will be a statement with two blank lines. On the first blank line enter the first date the roommate’s agreement shall take effect. Then on the second blank line enter the last date the roommate’s agreement shall be in effect.

Step 7 – In the “Rent” section document the total rent required to maintain the property on the first line two blank spaces (this should be written out then entered numerically). On the third and fourth blank spaces, enter the monthly rent amount the new roommate must pay. Then in the second bullet point, enter the name of the individual receiving rent from the new tenant.

Step 8 – In the “Utilities” section, report the fraction amount and the name of each utility bill the new tenant must pay. Then enter the fraction amount and the name of each service the new tenant must pay. If the tenant agrees to assume ownership of a utility or service, enter this in the third bullet point. At the fourth bullet point, enter any additional utilities (and/or services) the new roommate will pay for but not assume ownership of the account.

Step 9 – In the “Authorization” section, enter the date of the lease. Then the principal roommate must sign and print his/her name in the space provided. Below this will be a space for the new roommate to sign and print his/her name. Finally, each roommate must sign and print their names as well.