Louisiana Sublease Agreement Form

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The Louisiana Sublease Agreement Form provides the means for defining the parties, property, and conditions involved with a sub-let agreement. It is generally believed that a written agreement is a wise method to enter a sub-let agreement. Especially for a Sub-lessor who simply needs the financial relief such a lease will provide. It should be noted this lease will act as a binding document only upon the Sub-Lessor and Sub-lessee in regards to the property the Sub-Lessor controls while the Sub-Lessor’s agreement with the property owner is in effect. That is, Sub-lease contracts are limited in their scope by the master lease. Thus, the terms of this contract must be entered with the master lease in mind.

When filling out this form, make sure to consult the main lease and enter negotiables only when both parties have fully discussed and agreed to them. This is particularly important since once this sub-lease bears the signature of both parties the state courts of Louisiana will be able to enforce its terms and conditions defined within it. It should be noted that even though this is a sublet, state laws concerning landlord and tenant relationships will still apply.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first paragraph enter the full name and address of the Sub-lessor on the first two spaces provided. Then on the last two spaces provided enter the full name and address of the Sub-Lessee. This will assign the appropriate roles to each individual to the lease as of the date provided.

Step 2 – Now, it will be time to attach the property to the lease as well. In the second paragraph enter the street address on the first space provided. Then on the second blank space provided.

Step 3 – The next thing which will need to be defined shall be the type of lease this is. There are three possibilities. It may be a Fixed Sublease, a Month-to-Month Sublease, or a Week-to-Week Sublease. Place a checkmark in the box next to the appropriate type. If this is a Fixed Sublease, you will need to define the start date of the lease and the end date of the lease in the spaces provided. If this is a Month-to-Month or Week-to-Week, then place a checkmark in the appropriate box then enter the start date and the number of days’ notice to terminate or end the lease.

Step 4 – The next area that will require attention is the “Security Deposit” paragraph. Here enter the security amount required by the written out and the dollar amount.

Step 5 – Also, in the “Security Deposit” section, enter the number of days from the termination of the sublease the landlord must furnish an explanation for not returning the full amount.

Step 6 – The end of this document is the next area needing attention. In the paragraph known as “Date & Signature” enter the date of the sublease.

Step 7 – Below this will be two columns, labeled “Sublessor” and “Sublessee.” Each party participating must sign and print his or her name. Each column will also have spaces for a witness to do the same.

Step 8 – If the subtenant is underage, a parent or guardian must sign and print his/her name to give consent.

Step 9 – Below the Parent/Guardian consent section is the “Landlord’s Consent” line. The Landlord of the property must sign and print his/her name to give consent to this sublease.

Step 10 – The final part of this document will be a set of initials from the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee. The first line will signify the original lease is attached to this sublease while the second line will act as verification that an inventory checklist is attached.