Bed Bug Lease Addendum Template

Updated August 01, 2022

A bedbug lease addendum is a form that informs a tenant that there is not a bed bug infestation on the premises of a dwelling. Due to the difficulty in exterminating this type of bug, the states of Arizona, California, and Maine have made it a requirement that the landlord has to provide a history of any bed bug infestation. The only full-proof way the tenant can ensure that bed bugs do not exist on the property is to have an exterminator visit the property and conduct any necessary tests.

Required – Arizona, California, Maine, and New York City.

How to Write (Arizona)

1 – Obtain A Copy Of The Arizona Bed Bug Lease Addendum

You may view and save a copy of this information packet by clicking this link then saving it to your machine: Arizona Bed Bug Lease Addendum.

2 – Provide A Copy To Each Signature Party

Once you have saved this file to your machine, open it. You will need to print it then attach it to the lease. Make sure to print enough copies so that each signed Lease Agreement being dispensed has its own pamphlet. Allow ample time for each Signature Party (Owner/Landlord/Agent and Tenant) to review the information on this attachment thoroughly before signing the attached Lease Agreement. article about bed bug control by arizona pest management center

How to Write (California)

1 – Gain A Copy Of This Template To Provide A Bedbug Addendum

The paperwork on this page can be downloaded through the link here:  California Bed Bug Lease Addendum. You may download any file version you wish at your discretion, then open it to fill in the information relevant to the

2 – The Parties And The Concerned Rental Unit SHould Be Identified

The paragraph opening this document will seek to positively identify the Owner, Landlord, or Agent and the Tenant. It will also seek to attach each of these entities to the Rental Property. Start by recording the Execution Date of the Lease Agreement this paperwork will be attached to on the blank space after the words “…Part Of The Rental Agreement Dated.” The next blank line in this paragraph requires the Full Name of the Owner, Landlord, or Agent supplied to the second blank line. Supply the Tenant or Resident’s Full Name to the third blank space. The next few spaces following the terms “…For The Premises Located At,” “Unit Number,” and “City Of” to present the Full Street Address where the Rental Property being leased can be physically found.

3 – The Resident Must Verify This Document By Initialing It

The next two bullet statements will need to be initialed by each Tenant or Resident that has signed the lease. These statements will verify that no bedbugs have been found during the Tenant’s inspection of the Premises and Tenant Possessions. Each Tenant/Resident must initial one of the blank lines labeled “Resident Initials.” Three such areas have been presented however if there are more than three Tenants make sure they initial this section as well.

4 – The Parties Involved With This Addendum Must Sign This Document

The end of this document will contain the statement beginning with the words “By Signing Below…” Here, each Resident and the Owner, Landlord, or Agent must furnish a Dated Signature after reading this document. Two blank lines labeled “Resident” have been presented so the Tenant or Resident may supply this required signature. After signing his or her Name, each Tenant or Resident will also need to enter the “Date” when he or she signs it. If there are more than two Tenants on this lease you may use a compatible program to add more Signature Lines or attach a clearly labeled document with the rest of the Tenant Signature. Once all the Tenants have signed this document, it should be surrendered to the Landlord, Owner, or Agent. He or she must sign the blank space labeled “Owner/Agent” then fill in the “Date” this signature was produced.


How to Write (Maine)

1 – Download And Fill Out This Template To Supply A Bedbug Disclosure In Maine

The Disclosure Template can be opened then saved to your computer by clicking this link: Maine Bedbug Infestation Disclosure. If you have an editing program compatible with this file version, you may use it to enter information directly onscreen Otherwise you may fill out this form manually so long as it is legible and in blue or black ink.

2 – Several Facts Relevant To This Disclosure Must Be Set

The first few blank lines of this template will require some specific information that should be easily located on the lease. Make sure to transcribe this information so that it is identical to that reported on the lease this document will accompany. Fill in the Landlord’s Full Name in the first blank space. The second blank line, labeled “Tenant’s Name,” must have the Name of the Tenant displayed on it. Finally, present the Street Address of the leased property on the two blank lines after the words “Address Of Rental Unit.” This should be where the leased unit can be physically accessed.

3 – Some Tenant Information Must Be Presented

This disclosure will serve to document the lack of any bedbug infestations in the leased unit and adjacent units. In addition, it will serve as proof that the Tenant has not had or dealt with an infestation in his or her last residence in the last 12 months. Use the blank lines after the phrase “…All Places Where Tenant Has Resided” to record the Physical Address of each place the Tenant has lived in the past 12 months.

4 – A Signature Verification From The Property Manager And Tenant Is Required

The Property Manager (or Landlord) must supply the Date he or she is signing this document on the blank line labeled “Date.” Then, he or she must sign the blank line labeled “Property Manager/Landlord” to show that the contents of this document are true. Each Tenant signing the lease agreement must also read and sign this form. First, he or she must locate the Tenant Signature area below the Landlord’s Signature then report the Date he or she will sign this paperwork. Once this Date has been supplied, the Tenant must sign his or her Name on the line labeled “Tenant.” Enough space for two tenants has been supplied here however if there are more than two Signature Tenants on the list each one will have to sign this document. This can either be done on a labeled attachment or by simply adding an extra line on this form for the additional Tenant(s) to Date and Sign.

How to Write (New York City)

1 – The New York Bedbug Disclosure Is Accessible Here

The required disclosure notice should be saved to your machine by clicking here: New York City Bed Bug Lease Addendum. When you are ready to fill it out, open it on your machine and simply enter the information requested on screen or, if you do not have a compatible editing program, you may print this file then fill it out on paper.

2 – Identify Several Facts Regarding The Lease Agreement

Locate the line labeled “Name Of Tenant(s)” then present the Full Name of each Tenant who has signed the Lease. The Street Address of the leased property should be furnished to the line “Subject Premises.” If this property has a Unit or Apartment Number, supply this to the blank line “Apt. #.” The Lease Date should be produced on the blank space labeled “Date Of Vacancy Lease.”

3 – The Landlord Must Disclose The Bedbug Status Of The Premises

Next, at least one of the checkbox statements in the “Bedbug Infestation History.” Read through each statement on this list and mark the checkbox to the left of any sentence that is accurate. If it requires more information, you must supply it.  If “There Is No History Of Any Bedbug Infestation” in any part of the building where the rental property is located then mark the first checkbox. Mark the second checkbox if there has been a Bedbug Infestation in the building and report what floor or floors this infestation was found on the blank line provided. This statement should only be marked if this is the case and “Eradication Measures” have been taken. The third check box statement should be marked if a Bedbug Infestation has been found in the building and no effort to eradicate the infestation has been taken. If this statement has been selected then report the Floor where this infestation was found on the blank line preceding the word “Floor(s)…” If the rental has had a Bedbug Infestation in the past year and measures to exterminate the infestation have been taken, this must be disclosed to the Tenant by marking the fourth check box. In the event, the Rental Unit has had a Bedbug Infestation in the past year and no attempt of extermination has been taken then mark the fifth check box. If information regarding a Bedbug Infestation must be provided to the Tenant and has not been described in the previous statements, then mark the “Other” check box then, present a report with this information on the blank line provided.

4 – The Tenant And Landlord Must Each Present A Signature To Authenticate This Document

This disclosure must be signed by the Tenant and Owner/Agent so that it may be verified as delivered and its contents accurate. Each Tenant should sign the “Signature Of Tenant(s)” then fill in the Date of his or her Signing on the “Dated” line. The Owner or Agent must also sign this disclosure once it has been completed. He or she should sign the line “Signature Of Owner/Agent” then present the Date of Signature on the “Dated” line.