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Greater Boston Residential Lease Agreement Form

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Greater Boston Residential Lease Agreement Form

Updated August 07, 2023

A Massachusetts Greater Boston Residential Lease Agreement Form allows for some necessary definitions to be associated with a lease contract between a landlord and tenant in the Greater Boston Area. Any lease in the Greater Boston Area will be subject to the Boston statutes governing these types of contracts so it is important to be aware of your municipality’s rules and regulations. At times, there will be some mandatory disclosures, terms, and conditions that must be included in certain counties. The lease, itself, will address the basic issues that will define a landlord-tenant relationship in this state.  Some areas will require further definition entered by the preparer of this document. These areas are a matter of discussion for all parties involved.

Those who are signing this lease are strongly encouraged to read each section of this lease carefully. Each party signing this document will be expected to adhere to its contents strictly. Courts and tenants can expect this because a signature on a contract will signify the signature party has read and fully comprehended the document they are signing. This will be taken as verification of that party’s willingness and ability to fulfill his/her obligations as defined by this document for the duration of its lifetime.