Massachusetts Rental Application Form

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The Massachusetts Rental Application Form is part of the application process property owners and managers must utilize in their search for a viable tenant. This is a standardized form that is considered compliant with The Federal Fair Housing Act. That is, the information this form shall require of a tenant will center mainly upon an applicant’s finances and ability to pay rent, criminal background, current living status, and references as opposed to personal questions regarding ethnicity or religious orientation.

Application Fee (Section 15B(1)(b)) – A landlord cannot charge an application fee, regardless of whether or not it is refundable. However, in accordance with § 254 CMR 7.00(1), real estate brokers and agents are allowed to charge a rental application fee.

Security Deposit (Section 15B(1)(b)(iii)) – The amount of a security deposit cannot exceed the cost of one (1) month’s rent.

No Contest (Ch. 276 § 100A) – A potential tenant has the right to answer “no contest” as a response to any criminal history question on the rental application.

How to Write

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Step 1 – On the first line, enter the full name of the individual applying for the unit then enter this person’s date of birth.

Step 2 – On the second line, enter the applicant’s phone number, cell phone number, and work phone number.

Step 3 – On the third line enter the applicant’s Social Security Number then enter the applicant’s Email Address.

Step 4 – In the second section on the first line, enter the applicant’s current home street address (next to the words “Present Address”)

Step 5 – Below the street address, enter the applicant’s City, State, and Zip Code

Step 6 – The third line will ask for the time period the applicant lived at his/her current address followed by the current monthly rent being paid by the applicant.

Step 7 – The fourth line of this section will as for the name of the applicant’s current landlord along with that individual’s phone number.

Step 8 – The third section will as for similar information as the second however in relation to the residence you lived in before your current address. This will have the same presentation as the previous section, so enter the applicant’s the street address of where they lived beforehand next to the words “Previous Address.”

Step 9 – The second line of the “Previous Address” section is where to enter the previous City, State, and Zip code the applicant lived in.

Step 10 – Below this enter the date range the applicant lived there and the rent they paid there

Step 11 – The last line of the third section requires the name of the Previous Landlord entered as well as his/her contact phone number.

Step 12 – The fourth section asks for the name of the applicant’s current employer on the first line.

Step 13 – On the second line, enter the employer’s full address.

Step 14 – On the third line of the fourth section enter the phone number of the applicant’s current employer as well as the dates he/she have been employed there.

Step 15 – The fourth line of this section shall require that any income sources such as a contract or investments be listed.

Step 16 – On the last line, enter the name of the applicant’s bank then indicate if he/she has a checking account, savings account, or both next to the words “Checking or Savings?”

Step 17 – In the fifth section, if the applicant has a car then report the make, model, year registration state, and license plate number on the first line.

Step 18 – On the second line of this section, indicate if the applicant owns or leases the vehicle reported above. If the vehicle is a leased one, enter the name of the dealership it is being leased from.

Step 19 – The first line of the sixth section requires information for an applicant’s emergency contact. That is, someone close who would need to be informed of a serious medical emergency. Then enter the relationship this party has to the applicant.

Step 20 – On the next line, enter the emergency contact’s phone number and email.

Step 21 – The seventh section, requires the names of everyone that will live on the premises.

Step 22 – The next line will ask for the number of individuals who will live with the applicant, then the number of adults who will live with the applicant, and, finally, how many (if any).

Step 23 – If the tenant has any pets, describe those pets on the last line of this section (next to the word “Describe”)

Step 24 – The eight section will ask for some specifics as to what is being applied to. On the first line, enter the apartment being applied by entering the street address then enter the number of bedrooms this unit has.

Step 25 – On the second line of this section, enter the start date, end date, and base rent named in the lease being sought.

Step 26 – On the third line of this section, enter the first-month rent deposit, the last month’s rent deposit, the security deposit, and the total amount required of the tenant to move in.

Step 27 – On the final line of this section, enter the amount the applicant paid when submitting the application, the balance due, and the broker fee

Step 28 – The final paragraph will contain disclosures, conditions, and a consent line giving the RCG the right to verify all information on the application including checks such as a background check. The applicant must sign the line below this paragraph and date it.