Maine Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Maine Commercial Lease Agreement Template provides commercial entities and those leasing property a viable and reliable method when it is time to document the agreement they wish to enter. This is an important step in the leasing process as it will serve to assign the role of commercial tenant and landlord which will come with the responsibilities the state expects of each role. It should be noted that according to the laws of the State of Maine (Title 14, Part 7, Chapter 709, Section 6017) this means the commercial entity must be a for-profit business. Nonprofits, charitable institutions, and religious entities may not be considered to be commercial tenancies.

Maine is one of the states that has taken the time in its lawmaking history to provide a set of statutes governing such tenancies. This lease shall be compliant with all federal and state laws that are applicable and should be considered a binding legal contract. It is easy to see why both parties should also take the time to make sure they are full agreement with the negotiables that are required in each of the sections of this document. The State of Maine will expect each party to live up to their obligations so that each may enjoy its entitlements.