Maine Roommate Agreement Template

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The Maine Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement Template was devised to aid individuals entering a living arrangement in maintaining the terms and conditions they have agreed to unchanged without consent for the duration of this contract’s lifetime. The exact time period this lease shall apply to is up to the roommates entering the agreement though, typically, this type of agreement should not exceed the length of time the principal roommate’s lease with the property manager or landlord. The reason for this is simple: the landlord is only obligated by the lease for the property that he/she signed after some extensive work. It is relatively clear expecting a landlord to be obligated to a roommate they have not interviewed or researched would potentially have some insurmountable problems. Thus, when entering this agreement as a roommate without a lease with the property owner, bear in mind this agreement only obligates the individual roommates to one another.

When filling out this form make sure that each negotiable point has been fully discussed and understood. This will be a binding agreement to all signature parties for its lifespan. If there are additional conditions, responsibilities, and/or amenities, they should be documented separately then attached to this agreement as well as signed and named in the appropriate section. Only that which is part of this contract will be considered binding in relation to this lease.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first step will be to fill out the first section, “Parties & Property.” Start by filling in the date. Then on the following blank lines enter the full name of the new tenant, the full name of the main tenant or Landlord/Principal, the full name of each co-tenant (roommate), the address of the property, and, finally, the starting and ending date of the agreement’s effective period.

Step 2 – The next section will be the “Security Deposit” section. Simply fill out the amount of money the roommate will have to submit as a security deposit. Then fill out the total amount the property owner requires for the premises. Each amount should be written out and entered as a dollar amount.

Step 3 – The “Rent” section will need the total amount of money the property owner requires a monthly rent. Then report the amount of money the new roommate must pay each month for rent. Both these amounts should be written out then entered numerically. Finally, enter the full name of the party collecting rent from the new roommate.

Step 4 – The “Utilities” section will need the fraction amount of the utilities the new roommate must pay entered in the first blank space. Then in the space below it, the name of each utility this fraction amount applies to. In the second bullet, enter the fraction amount of services the new roommate must pay along with the names of each service this shall be applied to. Finally, in the last third and fourth bullets, respectively, enter each utility the new tenant shall place in his/her name and the utility and/or service the new tenant shall pay for.

Step 5 – The first line of the “Authorization” section will require the date of the agreement. Below the principal roommate/landlord must sign and print his/her name. Next, the new roommate must sign and print his/her name. Finally, each roommate will have a space to sign and print his/her name.