Montana Rental Application Form

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The Montana Rental Application Form is often used by property managers and landlords in search of a tenant for a property available for leasing. The application process serves as an aid in determining which leasing candidate will be the best choice. This can be a difficult choice and oftentimes will require a substantial amount of information from each applicant. Having all the information set in a standard format on the same document will save time and paperwork. This form will mainly be filled out by the applicant, however, some parts (i.e., parts identifying the landlord) should be filled in by the landlord or property manager to save confusion.

Application Fee (No Statute) – There are no restrictions on how much a landlord can charge for application fees.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – Landlords have no limit on the monetary amount that they can demand.

How to Write

For Office Use

Step 1 – At the top of the page, enter the full name of the Landlord, his/her full Address, and his/her Phone Number.

Step 2 – Next locate the line beginning with “Applicant #.” Here, assign an identifying number for the applicant. Then on the next blank space enter the Address of the property the applicant is applying for. Below this enter the Date, Time, and check whether this application is handed out in the AM or PM.

For the Applicant

Step 1 – On the first line of the application (beginning with the word “Name”) write in your Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and Social Security Number.

Step 2 – On the second line of the application, write in your current Address and your Current Phone Number.

Step 3 – Under the heading, “Picture Identification,” enter your Driver’s License Number, Issuing State, and Expiration Date.

Step 4 – Under the heading “Rental History,” enter the full Name of your Present Landlord, his/her Phone Number, and his/her current Address.

Step 5 – Next to the words, “Reason for Moving,” provide the reason why you moved from the previous address you lived in to your current address.

Step 6 – On the line labeled, “Previous Landlord,” enter the name of the landlord from your previous Address along with his/her Phone Number and Address. Below this will be an area to enter this same information for the residence you maintained before your previous Address.

Step 7 – Under the heading “Employment Information,” enter the name of your Employer on the first line, then, on the second line, enter your current Employer’s Address and Phone Number.

Step 8 – Next to the words, “Length of Employment,” enter how long you have worked with your current employer. Then, indicate whether this is a permanent position on the space provided. If this is a temporary position, indicate how long you will be employed there on the line below this. On the next line, report how much you get paid next to the words “Salary Earned” (i.e. $XXXX/Month). If you have additional information to report, attach it to this document.

Step 9 – Locate the words “If you are.” Here, if you do not have a steady job but have an income source, explain this income source and why you should be considered as a qualified applicant.

Step 10 – Next, locate the line beginning with “Have You Ever.” If you have an eviction in your past, mark the box labeled “YES,” then provide an explanation. If not mark the box labeled “No,” and proceed to the next section.

Step 11 – Under the heading, “Personal References,” report the Name, Relationship (to you), and Phone Number of individuals the Property Manager may call to verify you are a law abiding citizens and considerate neighbor.

Step 12 – Under the heading, “Credit References,” list financial entities that will provide a reference for you. Report their Names, your Account Number, the entity’s Address, and Phone Number.

Step 13 – Place a check mark next to each utility you have paid for in the past at the top of the third page. If you cannot have a utility placed in your name for one reason or another, place a check mark in the box labeled “Yes” and explain why. If not, place a checkmark in the box labeled “No,” and proceed to the next section.

Step 14 – Read the paragraph under the heading “Agreement and Authorization for Information” then sign your Name, provide a Date for that signature, and enter your Email Address.