New Hampshire Roommate Rental Agreement Form

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The New Hampshire Roommate Rental Agreement Form will strengthen an agreement between Co-Tenants with a written document outlining the exact rental co-habitation arrangement that was agreed to originally. It can be very exciting to gain a high quality residence that would otherwise be beyond one’s capabilities, especially if the method is by sharing the residence with previous acquaintances or those of a like mind-set in lifestyle.

However, many factors need to be addressed in addition to merely paying the rent on time (this is non-negotiable of course). For instance, “Who’s name will the utilities be in?” ” How long will this agreement be for?” and “What is the security deposit amount and who will be responsible for how much?” are all questions that must be answered. This document shall address some questions and a few more. In fact, it will cover the basic concerns that should be addressed when two or more people decide to share the expenses in a single residence. Of course, not every situation is the same so there will be ample opportunity to personalize this agreement in some sections. In the case where additional agreements have been made, one may attach them to this document (so long as they are titled, dated and signed). So long as every part of the agreement has been documented and presented with this contract, the signatures of each party shall be considered binding to the arrangement each party expects the other to live up to.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first blank space, in section 1, report the Date this agreement is being entered.

Step 2 – Starting with the second line document the following information in the spaces provided: the New Tenant’s full name, the Lease-holding Tenant’s (Landlord/Principal) full name, and each of the other Roommate’s (Current Co-Tenants) full names.

Step 3 – Next to the word “Property,” enter the street address of the leased property.

Step 4 – The next two blank spaces (below the line beginning with the phrase “This agreement”) enter the Start Date of this lease then the End Date of this lease.

Step 5 – In Section 2, or Security Deposit, report the Security Deposit amount the New Roommate must pay on the first two available blank spaces. Then on the last two blank spaces in this section, enter the full Security Deposit amount for the premises.

Step 6 – In Section 3, labeled as “Rent,” several pieces of information will be required. In the first bullet point, enter the full amount of Monthly Rent the Property Owner expects for leasing this premises. Then on the next two blank spaces, report the Monthly Rent Amount the New Roommate must pay.

Step 7 – Also, in Section 3, locate the second bullet point. Now enter the full name of the person who will collect the Monthly Rent from the New Roommate.

Step 8 – In Section 4, known as Utilities, there will be four bullet points, each requiring information. The first two will require the fraction amount of the Utilities and Services bills the New Roommate will be responsible for and a list of those Utilities and Services to be defined (respectively). The third bullet point will require a list of Utilities/Services the New Roommate shall put in his/her name and guarantee that those utilities/services will be paid by any co-tenants contributing to it. Finally, the fourth bullet point is reserved for the Utilities/Services the New Roommate shall pay for to be reported.

Step 9 – Now, locate Section 8 (titled “Authorization”). Here, in the first statement, use the three blank spaces to report the Date (DD,MM,Year) this arrangement is being singed. Then, the Principal Roommate, New Roommate, and Co-Roommates must all sign and print their names in the appropriate areas.