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Kansas Landlord Notice to Enter Form

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Kansas Landlord Notice to Enter Form

Updated July 10, 2024

A Kansas landlord’s notice to enter lets the tenant or tenants in an occupied dwelling know that the property owner will be coming on to the property for some particular purpose or purposes. Kansas law does not specify how much notice is required, saying only that a landlord must provide reasonable notice and arrange to come at reasonable hours.

Laws Kansas Stat. Ann. § 58- 2557(a)

Notice can be used for

  • Inspecting the premises;
  • Making necessary or agreed on repairs, alterations, improvements, or decorations;
  • Supplying necessary or agreed upon services; and
  • Exhibiting the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen, or contractors.

Other Landlord Access

Emergency – The landlord may access the property without the tenant’s consent in case of an extreme hazard involving the potential loss of life or severe property damage.[1]

Prolonged absence – If the tenant is absent from the property for more than thirty (30) days, the landlord may enter the property at times reasonably necessary.[2]