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Landlord Notice to Enter (to Tenant)

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A landlord’s notice to enter is official notice by a landlord to a tenant, in accordance with State law, to enter the premises. This is either for routine maintenance, a showing or to inspect the premises. A landlord may not abuse this right to harass a tenant.

Emergencies – In the case of a fire, flooding, or another emergency, the landlord has the right to enter the tenant’s property immediately.

By State

By Type

24-Hour Notice to Enter

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48-Hour Notice to Enter

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Table of Contents

How to Enter a Tenant’s Property

Step 1 – Write the Reason for Entering

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There are commonly three (3) reasons for entering the premises:

  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • Agent showings; and
  • General inspection of the premises.

Any other reason may be detailed in the notice. It is recommended that a landlord enter a tenant’s property no more than once per month.

Step 2 – Enter the Notice Period

Use the Notice Periods by State to determine the required time duration. If the State has no laws, it is highly recommended that at least 24 hours be given as proper notice.

Step 3 – Deliver the Notice

For court purposes, must be delivered either in person, hung on the door, or by standard or certified mail. Although, most landlords will text or call the tenant.

Step 4 – Enter the Property

Wait the time period and afterward enter the property. In most States, the landlord is required to enter the premises during normal working hours and convenient for the tenant.

Required Notice Periods: By State

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How to Write

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Step 1 – Download the document – Owner or Agent must enter the applicable state statute then enter the following:

  • Provide the name of the lessee and all other tenants who reside upon the property
  • Submit the complete address of the premises
  • Enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy, in which the owner/agent/employee shall enter the premises
  • Check the box(es) preceding the reasons(s) for entering the premises
  • Date the owner/agent’s signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Owner/agent’s signature
  • Review the statement just prior to the “Proof of service” box.

Step 2 – Proof of Service Document –

  • This document is to be completed and signature must be submitted, by the process server only, once service of the document has been completed.