» » Landlord’s Notice to Enter Dwelling Unit Form – 24/48 Hours

Landlord’s Notice to Enter Dwelling Unit Form – 24/48 Hours

The landlord’s notice to enter dwelling unit is sent by the landlord to the tenant to ensure they are made aware, commonly within 24 hours, that the premises will be viewed. The landlord may exercise this right, in accordance with respective State law, to walk-thru the premises for any desired reason. If entry is abused or many unnecessary occurrences are made by the lessor, the tenant may be able to get out of their lease or claim it is in default.

Notice Period by State

(Video) What is a Notice to Enter Dwelling Unit?

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the document – Owner or Agent must enter the applicable state statute then enter the following:

  • Provide the name of the lessee and all other tenants who reside upon the property
  • Submit the complete address of the premises
  • Enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy, in which the owner/agent/employee shall enter the premises
  • Check the box(es) preceding the reasons(s) for entering the premises
  • Date the owner/agent’s signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Owner/agent’s signature
  • Review the statement just prior to the “Proof of service” box.

Step 2 – Proof of Service Document –

  • This document is to be completed and signature must be submitted, by the process server only, once service of the document has been completed.