Massachusetts Landlord Notice to Enter

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Massachusetts landlord’s notice to enter lets a tenant or tenants of an occupied rental property know that the landlord will be accessing the property for lawful reasonings. Massachusetts law does not dictate how much notice a landlord must provide, but best practice for a landlord is to provide a reasonable amount of notice and to conduct the visit to the property at an appropriate time.

Laws Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 186, § 15(b)(1)(a)

Notice can be used for

  • Inspecting the premises;
  • Making repairs; and
  • Showing the property to a prospective tenant, purchaser, mortgagee or its agents.

Other Landlord Access

Court order (§ 15(b)(1)(a)(i)): A landlord may access the property at any time pursuant to a court order.

Abandonment (§ 15(b)(1)(a)(ii)): A landlord may access the property if the premises appear to have been abandoned by the tenant.