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Mississippi Landlord Notice to Enter Form

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Mississippi Landlord Notice to Enter Form

Updated July 10, 2024

Mississippi landlord’s notice to enter alters a tenant or tenants of an occupied property that the property’s owner will be entering the premises in the future for some purpose. State law in Mississippi specifies only narrow circumstances in which the landlord, acting through government officials, may enter an occupied property, and does not link the right of access to notice. It is best to make conditions for a landlord’s entry, and the amount of notice required, explicit in a written rental agreement.

Laws Miss. Code Ann. § 89-7-49

Landlord Access

Abandonment: If a tenant is behind in rent, has left the premises and appears to have abandoned the property, then the landlord may notify a county constable, who may enter the premises to inspect it. If the constable agrees that the property has been abandoned, the constable should leave a written note specifying precisely when, at some point more than five but fewer than fifteen (15) days in the future, the constable will return, at which point all owed rent would be due. If the tenant does not provide rent within forty-eight (48) hours of the selected date, then the landlord may take possession of the property.[1]


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