Minnesota Landlord Notice to Enter

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Minnesota landlord’s notice to enter gives the landlord the ability to enter a property occupied by a tenant or tenants. The landlord may only enter for reasonable purposes, and may only do so after providing the notice a reasonable amount of time before entering.

Laws Minn. Stat. § 504B.211

Notice can be used for

  • Showing the unit to prospective tenants, prospective buyers or insurance representatives;
  • Performing maintenance;
  • Allowing safety inspections by government officials;
  • Addressing disturbances caused by the tenant;
  • Addressing a landlord’s reasonable suspicion that a tenant is violating the terms of a lease;
  • Housekeeping work, in senior housing complexes;
  • Verifying whether a tenant has vacated the unit; and
  • Other reasonable purposes.

Other Landlord Access

Preventing injury to persons or property (§ 504B.211(4)(1)): A landlord may enter immediately and without notice if conditions related to maintenance, building security or law enforcement demand it.

Complying with local laws (§ 504B.211(4)(3)): A landlord may enter immediately and without notice in order to assure compliance with local ordinances.