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Vermont 48-Hour Landlord Notice to Enter Form

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Vermont 48-Hour Landlord Notice to Enter Form

Updated January 05, 2023

A Vermont notice to enter provides a tenant with information regarding when and why their landlord needs to enter the unit. Landlords are only permitted to enter between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm and must give the tenant at least forty-eight (48) hours’ notice before entering.

Laws9 V.S.A. §4460

Notice can be used for

  • Agreed services;
  • Inspection;
  • Repairs, alterations, or improvements; and
  • Showing the unit to possible buyers, contractors, mortgage lenders, tenants, or workers.

Other Landlord Access

Imminent Danger (§4460(c)) – A landlord may enter a rental unit without consent if they have reason to believe there is an imminent danger posed to any person on the premises or to the property itself.