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Missouri Landlord Notice to Enter Form

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Missouri Landlord Notice to Enter Form

Updated July 10, 2024

Missouri landlord’s notice to enter is a way for a property owner to inform the tenant or tenants of an occupied dwelling that he or she will be entering the property at some point in the future. In Missouri, state law provides only very narrow reasons for which a landlord may enter occupied property, and does not specify the purposes for which a landlord may enter after providing notice, nor how much notice is required to enter. The state’s guide to landlord-tenant law recommends including as much information as possible during the execution of a written rental agreement.

Laws – Mo. Rev. Stat. § § 441.020, 441.065 

Other Landlord Access

Illegal Use of Premises: If a tenant is using a leased property for the purposes of running a gambling house, brothel, operation selling illegal drugs, the landlord may enter the property and reclaim possession on grounds of a voided lease.[1]

Abandonment: A landlord may enter the premises of a property that has been abandoned. A property is considered abandoned if:[2]

  • The landlord reasonably believes the tenant has vacated the premises and does not intend to return;
  • The rent is due and has not been paid for at least 30 days;
  • The landlord provides written notice, on the property itself and via both first-class mail and certified mail, that the landlord believes the property has been abandoned and intends to enter the premises and remove the tenant’s possessions, and expects a response within ten (10) days; and
  • The tenant neither replies nor pays rent within the 10-day period, or replies affirming that the property has been abandoned.


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