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New Hampshire Landlord Notice to Enter Form

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New Hampshire Landlord Notice to Enter Form

Updated July 10, 2024

A New Hampshire notice to enter allows a landlord to enter a tenant’s rental unit within a specified time frame for reasons such as general maintenance, inspection, or showing the unit to prospective buyers or renters. State law does not specify a minimum number of hours or days that a landlord must provide the notice to the tenant. It is advisable for landlords to provide reasonable notice in accordance with the circumstances.

LawsTitle 55, Chapter 540-A:3

Notice can be used for

  • Necessary repairs; and
  • Other reasonable and lawful functions of rental property ownership.

Other Landlord Access

Bed Bugs – If a landlord is notified of a bed bug infestation in another unit that is adjacent, above, or below the unit in question, they must provide the tenant with 48 hours’ notice before entering to inspect for bed bugs. If an infestation is found, they must provide 72 hours’ notice before conducting any remediation of the infestation.[1][2]

Emergency – A landlord can enter a unit without prior consent from the tenant to make emergency repairs to the property.[3]