Ohio Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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An Ohio commercial lease agreement is a legal document that is negotiated and written between a lessor and lessee for a commercial rental property and/or a business. In most cases, businesses will take the opportunity to negotiate a rental agreement as opposed to purchasing property inasmuch as the purchase of a business property will generally require a large amount in capital and if the business outgrows the property they have to take the steps to sell it which may require even more capital and the time frame is sometimes extensive.

Commercial leases, in most cases, may also be lengthy and will usually be complicated. The terms, however, can be negotiable and will often vary significantly from the initial lease agreement to the next. Be certain that you’re completely aware of what you’re signing, read every section, as it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the lease. Know what defines the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. If you’re uncertain of the language of any part of the document, you may wish to seriously consider the assistance of a competent attorney before signing.

This document will require notarization acknowledgment.