Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Residential Lease Agreement

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Updated August 07, 2022

An Oklahoma Real Estate Commission residential lease agreement is a rental contract that is recommended by the State to use for residential leasing arrangements between landlords and tenants. It includes the required flood disclosure and the name of the landlord/manager of the property as required by State law. This agreement should be included after the tenant has viewed a potential rental property and has completed a rental application to verify their income and employment details.

Laws – Title 41 (Landlord and Tenant) (Rich Text Format)

HandbookWhat Are Your Rights and Duties as a Tenant? (PDF)


Flood Disclosure Form (§ 41-113a) – The landlord must inform the tenant if the property has been flooded in the last five (5) years.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Required under federal law, the landlord must complete and provide the tenant with information about lead-based paint if the residence was built prior to 1978.