Oregon Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The Oregon Commercial Lease Agreement is a legally binding document that is written between a lessor and lessee for the purpose of leasing commercial rental property. Most businesses will negotiate a rental contract instead of purchasing property as the purchase of commercial property generally requires a large amount in the capital that must be put up in order to purchase

Although a commercial lease is sometimes difficult and lengthy, the terms and conditions are usually negotiable, making the option of leasing far more attractive and in most cases keeps the monthly financial outlay, far less complicated.  A commercial tenant will want to be sure that all parties are completely aware of what they will be signing their name to It will be very important to review every section of a commercial lease. All parties must be aware from the commencement of the lease, what is going to define the responsibilities of the landlord as well as the tenant(s). Tenant(s) may choose to employ the services of a knowledgeable attorney for assistance with understanding the legalese and any potential negotiations to ensure there is a good balance for all involved.

This document will require the acknowledgment of a Notary Public.