College Roommate Agreement | Dorm Room

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Updated July 12, 2022

A college roommate agreement for dorm rooms is a friendly agreement that acts as more of an understanding amongst the individuals living on the property in regards to study times, quiet hours, and other arrangements. Roommates should try to accommodate each other’s schedules and preferences.

Standard Roommate Agreement – For off-campus roommate agreements and in general that accounts for rent and utility responsibilities.


How to Write

1 – Access The Agreement Directly From This Page

The paperwork on this page can be used to set a Roommate Arrangement in writing. You may download it in one of the three formats (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt)) displayed on the buttons near the preview picture.

2 – Report Some Basic Definitions At The Beginning

Before presenting the terms of this agreement, we will need to settle on some basic facts. Locate the paragraph label “The Parties,” then use the blank preceding the words “…Individuals Known As” to record how many Roommates will be sharing the domicile. Use the blank line just before the parentheses label “(The “Roommates”)” to supply the Full Name of each Roommate who will be paying rent and living on the premises.Next, locate the paragraph with the bold words “Room Location,” then fill in the Name of the School where the premises is located.Record the Name and (if applicable) Address of the school building on the next blank space in this paragraph.The last blank space, just before the parentheses label “(The “Premises”) should have the Room Number documented. If there is no Room Number, you may leave this blank or write in the word “None.”

3 – Set The Terms The Roommates Will Live By

Now that we have identified how many roommates there are, who they are, and where they will be living it will be time to document the terms they have agreed to live by while cohabiting the Premises. We will begin with the “Study Times” paragraph. Use the areas provided here to define predetermined periods where no more than a minimum of noise is allowed. Enter the daily start time of this period on the first set of blank lines then mark the box labeled “AM” or “PM” Use the second set of lines to record the end of this daily study period then check one of the boxes to note if it’s in the morning (“AM”) or the afternoon/evening (“PM”).  Next, mark one of the checkboxes beneath the words “The Aforementioned Study Times” to indicate whether this includes weekends (first checkbox) or does not include weekends (second checkbox).The next paragraph requiring attention is labeled “Sleep Times.” This paragraph will deal with what the Roommates agree should be times of no noise or guests so that any Roommate who wants to sleep during this period may do so without hindrance. Use the two sets of lines to document the start time of when this period begins and the time when it ends. Make sure to indicate if each time is either in the AM or PM by marking the appropriate checkbox.Next, mark the first checkbox below this paragraph if the Sleep Time period named above includes weekends or the second check box if it does not include the weekend.In most Roommate situations, each Roommate potentially has access to another Roommate’s belongings. Since different individuals have different boundaries, it is usually a good idea to determine what those boundaries should be, then document them. In the “Personal Belongings” section several statements have been supplied for this purpose. Use the blank lines in the first statement to document each item that should not be borrowed by other roommates (i.e. “Toothbrush,” “Terry’s iPod”), the second statement to document items that may be borrowed so long as the owner has been asked and agrees to lending it (i.e. “stapler,” “Pat’s Blender”), and the third statement to list items any roommate can borrow without permission (i.e. “fork,” “Alex’s Vacuum”).Naturally, when sharing a living space some common expenses will be had. Locate the paragraph labeled “Shared Costs” then mark the box labeled “Weekly” or  “Monthly” to document how often the Roommates have agreed to collectively buy the items you report (i.e. Coffee) in the space provided.In the next paragraph, the topic of cleaning will be covered. Document the Day of the Week or Month when the Roommates have agreed that each will contribute to cleaning the premises on the blank lines provided in the “Cleaning Schedules” paragraph. Below this will be two checkbox statements to choose from. If all the Roommates will participate at this scheduled time, then mark the first checkbox. If there will be cleaning schedule attached naming tasks and times, then mark the second checkbox and report it on the blank lines provided or as an attachment.Next, locate the statement labeled “Opposite Sex.” Use the space provided to document the latest time of day when a guest of the opposite sex may be allowed on the premises. Then mark either the “AM” or “PM” to complete this report.

4 – Address Additional Concerns

While the above terms will apply to most situations, additional considerations may have been agreed upon by the Roommates. If so, they should be documented as part of this paperwork before the Roommates sign it. This may be done in the section labeled “Additional Terms & Conditions.” If there is not enough room, then continue the list of provisions on a separate sheet of paper that is properly labeled and dated.

5 – Solidify This Contract With A Binding Signature

Each Roommate should read this document from beginning to end after it has been completed. Then each Roommate who intends to comply with the terms as they are reported should sign his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Roommate Signature.” Below his or her Name, the Signature Roommate should print his or her Name. Finally, each Signature Roommate must enter the Date he or she signed this agreement on the line labeled Date. Each Roommate should sign a unique line. Enough has been provided so that four Roommates may enter this agreement however, if there are more than four, the additional Roommate may either sign the area beneath this or continue on an appropriately labeled attachment.