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Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Template

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A Roommate Agreement, also known as a ‘Room Rental’, is a template used for the leasing of bedrooms in a housing unit while sharing communal areas such as the living room, kitchen, etc. All the individuals listed in the contract shall be liable to each other in regards to payments for rent, bills, services, and any other agreed upon charges. In addition, if there is any damage in the communal areas the roommates, as a whole, will be liable.

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What is a Roommate Agreement?

A Roommate Agreement is a contract solely between the members living within the same rental unit that holds two or more people. Do not confuse a Roommate Agreement with a Lease Agreement, as a one is a contract between only tenants and the other is a contract between a landlord and tenant(s). Many contingencies can be listed in a Roommate Agreement, such as house rules, but the only legally binding aspect is the financial arrangement listed in the agreement. A Roommate Agreement can be used between roommates or tenants in a house, apartment, college dorm or any type of shared living space.

A Roommate Agreement is also referred to as the following:

  • Roommate Contract
  • Rent a Room Agreement
  • Joint Lease

Roommate Agreement vs Incoming Tenant

Our free roommate agreement is for the purposes of a new tenant joining an already established group of roommates. This could occur if a roommate decided to leave and now a vacancy needs to be filled. This agreement requires the new roommate to adhere to their fair share of the rent, utilities, and security deposit.

To create a new roommate agreement or an incoming roommate agreement online, use our fillable form creator. With a new roommate agreement, all members (tenants) can allocate their share of the financial responsibilities. If one roommate were to have a larger bedroom than the rest, you could write in the agreement that he or she would have to pay more in rent. Although not legally enforceable, members can input informal rules into the agreement such as overnight guests, cleaning, smoking, pets, noise, etc.