Connecticut Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form

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The Connecticut Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form is used when two or more people decide to enter a living situation on the same premises. This is usually done as a money saving technique when renting or even simply to gain residence in a favorable neighborhood that would otherwise be financially unattainable for an individual. Regardless of the reason, when one does enter a living situation as a roommate it is highly recommended to have the agreement documented on paper then signed. This will make it a contract.

It is important to notice that this is not a contract that will supersede the agreement the owner of the property or landlord has with one or more tenants participating in a roommate contract. The Owner/Landlord lease is a separate agreement altogether. If any of the roommates would like the benefits of having a lease with the property’s Owner/Landlord, they must sign the main lease agreement.

So why have an agreement that strictly concerns roommates? This will avoid any miscommunications from interfering with an otherwise beneficial situation. This will also prevent any of the parties from forgetting the original agreement as well. It is quite common for unforeseen events or the minutia of an agreement to escape someone’s memory after a given period of time. A roommate agreement will go a long way in preventing any of these occurrences.

How to Write

Step 1The first line must report the date of the agreement.

Step 2Under the date, enter the first and last name of each roommate who will be signing this agreement. If there is a roommate who is not signing this document, do not include his/her name.

Step 3Enter the start date of the agreement under “Terms of the Agreement.” Then enter the starting date (again) and the date it will end. The time span of these two dates will define the lifetime of this contract.

Step 4Next, enter total security deposit amount under the words “Security Deposit.” This should be followed by a break-down of how much each roommate paid for security on the lines below the total amount. There will be two checkboxes below this. If the lease terminates successfully and the deposit is to be divided evenly when being returned then check the first box. If the deposit is not to be returned evenly but rather based on any deductions for a roommate’s actions, mark the second box.  This section must be initiated by each roommate signing the lease.

Step 5Under “Rent,” enter the calendar day of each month when the rent is due. In some cases, a landlord may wish to receive one lump sum rather than several checks. If so then, enter the name of the roommate who must submit the payment to the landlord.  In this case, it is common for all the roommates to pay the rent a specific day slightly before the due date. Enter this date in the next space.

Step 6To solidify one person’s place in a specific room, enter the total number of bedrooms under “Allocation of Rooms/Individual Rent,” then enter the name of each roommate, which room that individual will be occupying and their rent for that room. Each roommate will need to initial the bottom of this section.

Step 7The “Utilities” section will break down which roommates’ hold an amenities account. There will be a space for any that have not been mentioned. How each of these bills will be paid is described in the next paragraph, beginning with “Special Provisions.”

Step 8The under the word “Parking,” enter the number of parking spaces available to the household.

Step 9Under “Cleaning and Yard-work,” define the minimum maintenance involved in keeping a clean household. Below this will be two checkboxes. If the roommates have developed a cleaning schedule, attach the schedule and check the first box. If the roommates have decided to work as a team at the same time check the second box. The last line will allow for miscellaneous topics regarding cleaning that has not been covered. Each roommate must also initial this section.

Step 10Under the words “Food Preparation,” there will be two options to define any cooking responsibilities. If food expenses will be shared and a cooking schedule is attached, check the first box. If each roommate will pay for their own food and prepare it, check the second box.

Step 11“Noise and Privacy” will define the hours where roommates will respect their neighbors by abating any noise pollution he/she may produce. Enter the time of day these ‘quiet hours’ begin and the time of day they will end.

Step 12If, when the lease terminates, a roommate does not help clean for inspection enter the percentage of his/her security deposit that will be forfeit.

Step 13“Guests” will require the maximum number of nights per week a roommate may have an overnight guest for both single and double bedrooms in the respective spaces.

Step 14If smoking is allowed, check the box under “Smoking.” If not, check the second box. If there is a designated smoking area, check the third box and describe where it is located.

Step 15There may be “Additional” arrangements made on a variety of subjects. If so check the appropriate box or check “other” and define the agreement. Each roommate must initial this section.

Step 16Each roommate should sign this document and date their signature. This may be done under “Signatures of Roommates.”