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Connecticut Sublease Agreement Template

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Connecticut Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 04, 2023

A Connecticut sublease agreement is a contract expressing a sublet arrangement for property already under rent through a lease. Before entering into any such contract, the current tenant must obtain permission from the landlord to bring in another tenant under a sublease. Subletting without the landlord’s knowledge, especially if the main lease limits the occupants or expressly forbids it, can result in termination of vacancy due to a break of contract. This sublease agreement contains a signature line for the landlord to give their written acknowledgment, therefore avoiding future legal consequences. All the parties must sign and execute the sublease once an accord is reached. Upon signing it into effect, certain landlord responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the sub-lessor (the main tenant), depending on the set terms. This individual must fulfill two separate roles as a result of being in two separate lease contracts. The sub-lessor should consider all obligations and take into account what they may be liable for in such an arrangement.

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