Connecticut SubLease Agreement Template

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The Connecticut Sublease Agreement Template is a contract form geared for Sub-lessors and Sub-tenants. The negotiable terms of this agreement and the landlord’s consent line could be considered a necessity in entering such an arrangement. A Sublease arrangement is where a tenant obtains permission from the landlord to rent a property, he or she is residing in, to another tenant. This may be the entire property or a significant part of it. Regardless of these specifics, it is imperative that landlord permission be obtained. In some cases, a landlord may consider it a violation of the lease agreement if a tenant sublets without their knowledge, especially if the main lease limits the occupants or expressly forbids it.

One of the most common reasons a tenant may take on the role of sub-lessor  is if her or she can no longer live in the residence he or she is renting and the landlord will not release that tenant from the lease obligations. In such a case, a tenant should obtain written permission from the landlord to sublet the unit. This agreement will contain a signature line for the landlord to give this acknowledgement and permission. This will give the sub-lessee (the person renting from the main tenant) some assurance he or she will not suddenly be evicted. After all, the landlord has an agreement with the main tenant (sub-lessor) and not the sub-lessee and thus holds no real obligation to the sub-lessee.

The landlord responsibilities to the sub-lessee will fall on the shoulders of the sub-lessor. Thus, this individual will have to fulfill the two separate roles as a result of being in two separate lease contracts. However, a written lease with the sub-lessee will give the same security that a landlord/tenant lease gives the main owner/landlord of a leased property because it will be considered a legally binding contract between the sub-lessor and sub-lessee.

How to Write

Step 1In the first available space enter the name of the Sub-lessee. Follow this with the address of the Sub-lessor and the name and address of the name for the Sub-lessee. The last space of the paragraph will be require the address of the sub-lessee.

Step 2The second paragraph will require the street address of the property in the first space and the city where the property is located in the second space.

Step 3The first item, “Term” will define the type of lease this is. If this is a ‘Fixed Sublease,” check the first box then enter the date the lease shall go into effect and the date it shall terminate. If this is a “Month-to-Month Sublease,” check the second box then enter the start date of the agreement. This will require the number of days’ notice necessary to terminate the agreement entered as well. If this is a “Week-to-Week Sublease,” check the third box, enter the start date of the arrangement, then the number of days’ notice necessary to terminate it.

Step 4Under “Utilities,” enter the utilities the sub-lessee will not be responsible for paying.

Step 5In the “Security Deposit” section, enter the dollar amount of the security deposit. This paragraph will require the number of days a landlord must furnish an explanation within if any amount of the security deposit will be retained.

Step 6If there are any terms and conditions that have been agreed to by the sub-lessor and sub-lessee, document it in Item VII (Other) in the space provided.

Step 7In the “Landlord’s Consent” section, check the first box if the sublease is not binding or the second box if the sublease is binding.

Step 8The “Date & Signature” section will solidify this agreement between the parties. First enter the date of the agreement. Then attach the initial lease between the Property Owner/Manager and the Sub-lessor. The landlord should initial the area with the words “Original Lease Attached.” Below this will be an area for the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee to sign and print their name. There will also be room for two witnesses (to the signing) to sign and print their name. The spaces below this are for a guardian (if necessary) to sign and print his/her name. Finally, the last line will be for the Landlord to sign and print his/her name in acknowledgement of this arrangement.